Sea Lion Splash

FINALLY got the Sea Lion in the water this weekend. Kurt and Ben helped, with Kurt launching his skiff in case we had trouble and needed a tow. I got the tow truck to move the boat from the lot to Douglas Harbor, and we launced it without a hitch. Started the engine, and saw that the water pump was working fine. Untied and headed out into the channel with Ben onboard and Kurt riding herd in the skiff. Some of the wiring was not done or done right for the gauges and tachometer, and I got almost all of those working on Sunday.

Went to the cabin on Thursday and no crab. Reset the pot as I forgot bait but still some left in the pot. Most of the cabins on Horse Is. are now empty, with only 2 other boats in the anchorages. Most of the blueberries are gone, and the leaves left have turned from green to yellow. One good storm and many more should drop.

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