Bluebird Day

Went hunting today, even though weatherman was calling for a gale.  It’s just too nice not to at least take a look.  Sunny and about freezing.  Turns out the water was fine and I made it to our spot on the back of our home Douglas Island.  Temperature was about freezing and no snow so the traction was superb and you can walk all day when the temp is like that and no rain.  Saw a humpback whale out in Stephens Passage on the way, then perhaps a hundred gulls hovering out in the middle of the Pass.  And several dozen mouthy sea lions along the beach.  So, lots of some kind of feed out there.

Hiked all day and didn’t see any deer and didn’t “feel” any in the area, either.  Might be early for this spot.  Did see some fairly fresh pellets occasionally.  I had a march of about a mile back to the skiff, and when I turned the corner at the point I could see lots of beach and thought I was high and dry.  But when I came in in the morning, I’d moved down the beach, passing on my first choice for what I thought was a better spot, and lucky I did.  When I finally got to the skiff it was still anchored in deep water. 

I was pretty tired and it was so nice I just sat on the beach.  I’d only drank maybe a cup of water from my quart bottle, so I slowly drank the rest and enjoyed the sun.  I almost took a nap the beach fringe was so dry and the sun so warm and my knees pretty tired.  After about a half hour I pulled the line tied to the driftwood on the beach that was tied on the other end to the anchor, and headed home.  It was kind of lumpy on the way home, but just a swell from all the wind we’ve been having.

Near Outer Point, I saw a crab buoy in water in shouldn’t be – too deep.  I pulled the buoy and the pot and turns out it was someone we knew, so I called them and let them know we had the pot and they could pick it up.  It was a light pot with no weight and in almost exactly the same spot I’ve found gear at other times. The current seems to always take it there.

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