Old Friends

I returned to Starkville, Mississippi for a reunion of graduate students to celebrate the retirement of our major professor, mentor and friend, Don Jackson.  John Jackson, a professor at Arkansas Tech, organized everything.  We had barbecue and fried catfish on Friday night at the hotel and did some fishing and shot some clays on Don’s farm the next afternoon. John and I attended church at the Presbyterian Church with Don and John on Sunday, where I met Frank Davis, a professor promoting insect production for everything from reducing problem insects by producing massive amounts of sterile males of the species (bowl weevils and fruit flies) as well as producing insects to replace fish meal in fish feeds.  Got so enthused I signed up for next year’s workshop.  Might be appropriate technology for growing fish feed onsite in Sierra Leone.  We’ll see.

John took me to and from the airport in Memphis, so got a lot of time to catch up and also to cross most all the rivers we worked on while at MSU.  A lot of important southern fisheries biologists in the room that weekend and Don was duly proud.

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