Is Your Face Hurting You?

A question all my nieces and nephews have heard.  Multiple times.  But mine really does hurt today.  I was Xcountry skiing last evening by headlamp.  We have a beautiful cross country trail at the base of our downhill ski area Eaglecrest here in Juneau.  The trail is groomed for skate skiing with a classic trail alongside.  I was in the classic trail, gaining speed around a curve, and could not hold my balance.  Next thing I know the ground is coming up in a hurry, and I broke my fall with the side of my face on the hard corduroy snow of the skate-ski trail.
It was cold so I didn’t notice the abrasion I’d received till I got back to the truck and looked in the mirror.  Put some ice on my eye when I got home but have a full-blown shiner today to go with a scraped forehead.

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