Tire Assistance

At 50, I marvel at how long I can do something and never hear of a simple trick to make a job easier. Take splitting wood for example. Yes, I know about the wood splitter, which I find tedious bending over and putting the wood back up for another split, etc. Boooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrinnnnggg. So I split away with a maul. Then searching something on woodsplitting one day on the net, I see a few sites about putting a tire on the chopping block to put the wood your splitting it. Wah freakin’ Lah. Keeps the wood from falling off each time you split, and when your done, you have all the wood neatly split inside the tire to deposit on the pile and put another round in. Seemed like it cut the time to split a round in half or less. No time spent idly bending over for the split pieces to split again, and all the good physical work of swinging the maul.

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