Drowned Rats

Been pouring rain here the past few weeks. Which is a comfort after last year’s sunny weather and the potential for lots of visitors to think this would be a great place for them to move to. Bob and I took my new boat out to Pt. Retreat. Cozy cabin. Fast boat. Comfortable seats. We were both getting used to it in a hurry. It was pea soup fog that we thought we could idle out of but it took an hour or more of going round in circles, even with a GPS, and the scary fog horn and radio chat with the ferry before we busted out of it into Stephens Passage and on around to Chatham Strait. We fished with several other boats. Caught a big early coho, then a pink, within minutes of each other, but nothing else. Didn’t see any other fish caught but many of the boats were too far away to see. Warm, dry cabin in the pouring rain. We were already used to it and looking forward to more of warm and dry during deer season.

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