3 mile skate

We have a pair of small lakes – big ponds, really, along the highway between the two population centers in town. Right now, they are frozen with a little snow that was dry snow and came after the freeze. So the skating is fantastic. There’s a 20 yard long by 5 feet wide stretch of running open water between the two ponds. The two ponds together provide a little over 1.5 miles of straight line distance, it’s easy to get a 3 mile skate in. The ponds get lots of use with pick up games of hockey, skaters throwing their dogs tennis balls, and parents pulling their kids on sleds.

Another random thought last night. I watch about 2 hours of TV a week. One show I like is Shark Tank. Entrepreneurs pitch their business hoping a millionaire will buy in to their business. Last night a lady had a plastic gadget that would cut a sandwich into small squares. It was for the 10 million “picky eater” children in our country. This item would not be a big seller in Sierra Leone……..

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