Football with Paul

We just got done watching one of the epic chokes in professional sports history when Seattle lost the Superbowl by throwing from the 2 foot line instead of giving it to their back who is a guy who never runs for a loss.

I’m down in Petersburg for the Superbowl with Paul Bowen. Came down Thurday evening on the ferry and leave tonight on the ferry home then back to work tomorrow. Yesterday, I sanded down a rusty shotgun of Pauls and reblued it. It came out okay. Took a walk out the road to City Creek, too.

Paul made a monster breakfast this morning of bacon, eggs and toast. Then we went to the Petersburg dump where on Sundays, you can pay an admission charge of 10 bucks and go see what’s there and take whatever you want. I found some aluminum to make roller skiing poles, and some stainless steel hose clamps and a shackle. Certainly got my 10 bucks worth. Who says there’s nothing to do in Petersburg?

Then a Superbowl that Seattle looked like they were going to win after an incredible blind catch on the ground by Kearse. Marshawn Lynch then ran it to the 2 foot line. Everyone thought the Seahawks have 3 plays left, and they’ll give it to Marshawn at least the next 2 plays. He never fumbles. He never loses yardage. But no. A pass. And the interception. Good to see it was by a humble kid from Mississippi, at least.

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