hooter soup

I cooked the backs and necks of last weeks hooters in water on the wood stove, simmering them for several hours.  I strained off and saved the broth, then hand picked the meat off the backs and necks.  I garage saled a sweet dutch oven enamel pot like Lydia uses on her cooking show.  I fried a diced sweet onion and half a bunch of celery in olive oil in the pot.  Then added some white wine and let it reduce by half.  I poured in the broth, added the picked meat, then cut up the other half of the celery bunch in bigger slices and added those.  Then a package of dried mushrooms. After this simmered in the pot on the woodstove for a time, I added some garlic salt to taste.  We had this over brown rice.  Sara liked it too. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android