Better days ahead

Took Emmanuel and Peter out fishing on Saturday morning.  The boys had a hard time driving by GPS in the fog but Emmanuel was much better at landing cohos.  We caught 6 and a pink in the fog.  I took them back to the dock, cleaned their fish for them, then sent them on their way to their second jobs.  I returned and got 2 more hog coho for us.   Yesterday I ran the whale watch boat for a late trip.  After big winds and cancellations during mid-day it laid right down and was flat calm and warm on the water last night.  Most of the whales around were in North Pass bubblenet feeding on herring and put on quite a show in the late sunlight.  Quite a night to be on the water. I collected a free fridge from Craigslist and will make a smoker with my nephew John when he arrives later this week. –

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