Bolivar Principal saves the day

The principal from my hometown high school is coming in to fish with me today off the cruiseship.  So, I thought I’d check to see if I had any frozen gel pacs in the freezer in the garage else I’d need to get ice to keep the fish on the boat.  When I got to the freezer, the door had opened and after one of the hottest days of the year yesterday, things had started to thaw.  I probably would not have gone up there for another day and I might have lost much of it.  I transferred everything to our other freezers, as it was time for a defrost of this freezer anyway, and then a fresh start.  As always, it pays to take your friends fishing. I fished with John and Lorraine last evening.  3 or 4 pinks and a coho so not great but not skunked.  And another beautiful evening as we fished till sunset about 930 pm.