John in Town

John arrived about 15 minutes after Sara did on Thurs evening.  John helped me with salmon deliveries to Juneau households on Friday, and we fished in the evening but no fish.  On Sat, I did one whale watch trip and John fished around the harbor while I was gone.  Then we got home and loaded the boat and headed out fishing.  I had John drive so he could learn to run a boat.  We had no action for 3 hours and then good fishing.  We landed 3 coho and as many came off, and shook a couple pinks.  Also saw a deer on the beach and saw the splash of a full-size humpback breach that must have been 30 feet high.   We went to the cabin with the fish on ice at sunset, and I picked a 1/2 a coffee can of blue and huckleberries while John cooked a pizza.  Off to bed and I was up at 4 am making coffee.  John’s alarm went off at 430, and I took off the coffee and went and picked another 1/2 can of berries.  I got John up and he was dressed and out the door in 5 minutes.  He said we could eat breakfast in the boat.   We went back to Pt Retreat and got 2 more coho, again after several hours of fishing. The wind picked up, so we went to Hand Trollers, where we lost a nice one.   The winds were hitting there too, so we left at 11 am and John drove us all the way back as he’s competent now at running the boat.  When we got home, I showed John how to fillet the first fish, then he filleted the other 4 while I vac packed.  Then I ran out to our fish processor and dropped John at a nearby creek so he could check out the spawning chum and pink salmon.  He got several photos and liked being down on the creek with the fish.     –

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