Early morning hogs

I got up at 305 am and put the coffee perculator on I’d prepped the night before.  At 4, I woke up John and asked if he wanted to go see if the weather was fishable and he said “sure”.  I poured the coffee and John was ready to go in 5 minutes.  The boat was already hooked up to the truck and parked right at the road so we might not wake Sara when the diesel started.   When we got to the ramp it was flat calm and a little foggy.  We were fishing by 5 am and John was a little groggy.  The first fish woke him up.  A real nice large chrome coho.  Not long later, another one of the same vintage.  John was awake now.  We were fishing where I’d caught the mess of fish with the Sierra Leoneons last week.  After a few more trips around our marks, we continued south and I had the coffee can and taking a leak when “whamo” another strike.  I corked off what I was doing and grabbed the rod and handed it to John and cranked up the down rigger.  John played the fish up to the boat and we missed netting it several times.  Then the fish started to shake it’s head back and forth and I thought we might lose him.  One more try and she was in the net.  A 15+ lb coho – maybe the biggest of the year. We fished till 730 and headed back to the dock.  I dressed the fish on board, and put ice on them when I got home so John could go back to bed and me to work.  He will fillet the fish when he gets up.  I checked on our fish drying in the smoker and it looked great. –

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