Halibut and whales

Ron and I have been friends for a long time, but never somehow have gone halibut fishing together.  I’m not big on halibut fishing but Ron needed to get in his winter supply and I was game as John would get to see something different.  Ron led us to his secret spot, and we were not disappointed.  6 halibut, 9 rockfish and 3 cod.  Ron got all the halibut and cod he needed and I like rockfish.  Had a humpack come right near the boat then it dove under us and came up on the other side.  Ron also showed me a trick for chumming.  He takes his fish scraps and freezes them with a rock in a tupperware container, which pops out after freezing into weighted chum cube.  When you are anchored up, he simply dropped the rock with fish frozen to it under the boat.  Simple and apparently effective. We thought we’d stop to try to jig up some herring for later bait use on the way home when I saw several whales blowing in the distance.  Looked like bubble netters to me.  When we got there, sure enough, they were netting and John got a great show and was pretty jazzed to see it. John remembered he liked the rockfish he had while in Craig last year, so we hope to make that tonight and have Ron over to dinner and to vac pack his fish.

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