Berry Picking

John and I went to the cabin after I finished my whale watching trips on Friday evening.  We got to our boat line and pulley haul out at low tide so we could work on it.  We got it freed up a bit and tied the boat off.  We found lots of red huckleberry bushes so picked till it was about dark.  The next morning was a lower low tide and we removed some of the crust from the barnacle-crusted line, and we were able to free it up and move the anchor to a little deeper water.  We then set to pick red huckleberries.  We found a new trail down to our boat, and it had several berry bushes.  We picked our way back to the cabin and in the end picked about 12 lbs of berries.  I made pancakes with the huckleberries and then high bush cranberry syrup on top.  John then laid down on the couch and I could see he was off to nap time listening to the Mariners game.  I went back to picking, and picked blueberries for a couple hours and got about 10 lbs of berries.  We left in the afternoon, fished for a couple hours with no luck, then back to the house.  I ordered a pizza for John and he and I spent an hour or two picking leaves and cleaning the berries, put them in plastic jars, and into the freezer.  The next day, I shook the jars to free the berries from each other, and vac packed the berries into 5 cup portions.  I saved some berries out and John and I made a blueberry and a huckleberry pie for dinner after we fished the after noon for only 1 pink, which we released.   We made the pies and baked them and put them outside to cool. John wanted burgers for dinner, so I took out a package of deer burger and showed him how to thaw the meat block just enough to slice it into flat burgers.  We fried these for burgers, and John sauteed some onions for garnish.  After dinner, we  brought in the pies and put them in the freezer for 15 minutes to cool them further, then got them out to eat.  Sara had whipped some creme for John.  John was pretty happy with his pie.  A blow is on it’s way here so no fishing tomorrow and then John is headed back to Pittsburgh Wednesday morning. –

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