Berry picking

Smilin’ John and I picked berries a few days before he left and got about 12 lbs of red huckleberries and 10 of blue berries.  I shipped him off with a box full of salmon, berries, halibut, rockfish and smoked salmon and my sister said they went to a picnic when she got home and got raves on the salmon.  I’m guessing John was the life of the party.  I went to the cabin on Friday to berry pick. I’m guessing I picked 30 to 40 lbs over the period.  It was blowing 30 all weekend and started to die down this afternoon as forecast.  My boat was tied out in the wind and when I got it to the beach I realized I would not be able to get it off myself, so I pushed it along side me along the spit in water up to my crotch until I could get it around the spit and into the lee and then I hopped on and was off.  A good work out.  I recently watched a show on a couple who walked from Seatte to Unimak and didn’t even take boots – they just got wet- and so I was thinking of that when I went over my new Xtra Tuffs.  Stephens Passage was pretty sloppy.  My boat does well in the trough so it was okay getting across in 3 to 4 footers.  When I got into Fritz Cove, it was blowing easterly straight on and only 1 footers but my boat is not good in straight-on waves and it was a filling-jarring ride into the dock.  My freezer is half full of berries and I haven’t got in any high bush cranberries yet, so I gotta get some more recipes.  I will make jam from the salmon berries and pies and some syrup from the blue berries is what I’ve come up with so far.

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