Fall fish

Peter Baker and I took off fishing after work after he said he could go “anytime” so I said lets go tonite and he said okay.  We ran down to Pt. Hilda after getting a hot tip.  We passed Ron at Inner Point, where he’d lost 3 or 4 fish and didn’t land any.  We had immediate action….and lost the first 3 fish.  Then we had 2 double headers but only got one fish.  Then we got a second.  Both absolute hogs.  It was flat calm and we fished till after sun down.  Peter said he’d drive home and when he was running about wide open I said we didn’t need to burn all the $4/gallon gas we could getting home.  I cleaned the fish at the dock and Peter took them home.  He’s moving to Washington State and said what I’ve been telling him is the same thing his boss at work has-  tough sledding is ahead for state government.  Oil is a third it was a couple years ago and oil production continues to decline.  Seems every other house on N. Douglas has a for sale sign on it.  The state is going to start bleeding population – and quickly if the PFD goes away.  I’m not worried.  I moved here in 1983 and was here during the last crash in 1986 and never realized the economy was down.  Seems like there’s always a job around the next corner that you find when you are doing one of your two other jobs.   Lots of elbow room will be a good thing. –

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