Tongass Pesto

With the jam put up and several pies under my belt from all the berries I thought I try pesto with the nettles, fiddleheads and devils club buds picked this past spring. For the fiddleheads, devils club buds and nettles, I took them out frozen, chopped them up a little so I could measure them in a measuring cup to see what I was doing, then blanched them. Fiddle Heads:  4 cups frozen, choppedStinging Nettles: 4 cups frozen, choppedDevils Club buds:  1.5 cups frozen, chopped4 cloves garlic1/4 cup lemon juice6 oz. almondsOlive Oil 1.  Blanche each of the 3 greens, then shock them in cold water and put in a colander to drain.  2.  Grind the almonds in the vitamix, and remove. 3.  Put the cloves of garlic and lemon juice in the vitamix. 4. Add some olive oil  5.  Then add a handful of each of the greens and the almonds. 6.  Pulse or turn on the vitamix low and add some more olive oil to get it to mix. 7.  Continue adding handfuls of each item and oil until it’s all in there.  My vitamix got hot so might have done better in a food processor or I should have added more oil. 8.  Pour the pesto into a bowl and add more olive oil for your desired consistency. 9.  Add salt and pepper to taste. Tastes pretty good off the spoon and looks like pesto.  We’ll see how we like it. I think you could add more garlic to taste, and maybe more almonds or another nut like pine nuts.  –

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