Time to tie up loose ends

Finally just about finished replacing the cedar beveled siding today that I’d started during hooter season.  Then pulled out all the frames I saved – the backbone part of the fish left after filleting – along with the cohos I had that weren’t taken by others, from the freezer.  I cleaned off the smoker racks, then got together the salt and sugar for brining the fish to go in the smoker.  Got everything in order, and then loaded the smoker after brining the fish. I tried using some of the salmon berry juice saved from the berries in the brine for smoked salmon strips so we’ll see how they come out.  Fall is on it’s way.  We have been making a fire in the woodstove.  Lots of coho salmon showing up to a new release site from the local hatchery.  I drove by there today and a couple was bringing up a stringer made from a tree branch of about 10 nice coho.  My buddies got 8 this afternoon.  I’ve got plenty of fish but have a feeling I’ll be over there trying soon.  The fish aren’t gonna catch themselves. –

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