Spring in Feb

While they are freezing back in the homeland in sub-zero temps in Bolivar, it was in the high 40’s here.  Ron and I went to his spot to try for rock fish and halibut on Friday.  I caught an octopus in the first little while after anchoring, and then nothing the rest of the day.  We really missed having John Auth with us as without him, that made me the youngster so I had to pull the anchor.   We had to beat into the waves back to Amalga Harbor but we just took it slow so as not to need dental work.  Turns out a couple left Lena Pt to go to Shelter Island – basically the closest point you could launch from Juneau to get to Shelter  – on Friday, too, and something happened.   Not sure what, but they both perished.  One found ashore at Horse Is and the other on Admiralty near Horse.  So sad. Sara made crab cakes, coleslaw and sweet potato and russet potato fries for Valentines Day.  Wow.  Was that good.  I finished the shower work this week, too, so love all around. 

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