Finished filling up – mostly – my only empty wood shed yesterday.  You can make firewood as easy or hard as you want, I guess.  This was the hard way.  But not a bad way.  Several trees up the hill behind our house blew down years ago.  Most were still sitting horizontally having blown over at the roots.  So off the ground.  I thought about trying to drag them down with a series of chains/straps/rope with the truck, but then thought I’d encase them in muck and then have to cut thorugh that with my saw.  So I bucked them in place, and rolled each one down the 70 yards or so to the creek, then one by one across the 3 log bridge.  Then split the rounds by hand, and wheelbarrow them down the driveway another 40 yards to the woodshed.  Got me in many hours total of exercise, and this was welcome in another year of little snow and poor or non-existent cross country ski opportunity that I could get to and from in an hour or two of light at lunch hour.  The wood I put up this week we’ll probably use starting year after next when it will be good and dry.

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