Blueberry Syrup

Spent a Sunday making more blueberry syrup after finishing filling the firewood bins on Saturday.  The berries seem like they are breeding in the freezer.  A guy can pick alot of berries with a berry rake, especially when they are plentiful.    I put 49 cups of frozen berries in the big pot on the stove and it took hours for it all to thaw and nearly boil.  At that point, I put the berries little by little through the blender, then put everything back into the pot.  I added 11 cups of sugar and brought it back to a boil for another 15 minutes.  It tasted a tad sweet to me, so I thawed out 4 more cups of berries, ran them through the blender, and added them and it was just right.  Some recipes call for filtering the syrup, but I like the skins (and random hemlock needles) in the syrup.  I took the syrup off the stove, and added 3 packets of liquid pectin, and brought it to a boil for 1 minute, and took it off again.  I only used liquid pectin because that’s what I used for the first batch earlier in the winter and it came out good so didn’t want to switch anything.   Then poured the syrup into the 2 cases of pint jars we garage saled this weekend and canned them in a hot water bath.   That should do us for a year or two, depending on how much gets given away