Early spring

It’s like May here these days.  Beautiful mostly dry weather with a  breeze to dry things even more.  The huckleberries are budding or even have that little hollow bell hanging off them now.  Samuel Conteh and I went to the cabin to check the crab pots.  We’d been getting a few tanner crab so I took 2 other pots to set, and of course this time all we got were little king crab which Samuel was sad to see tossed back into the sea.  People are now putting up little “street” signs on our island, and one has a “private” sign.  Very sad to see all this, but so it goes.   The canvas cover on the boat had been leaking so I put some of the  flexsteel paint I got at recycle on it.  Seems to be bonding will and I think it’s gonna seal it up nice. A friend had some old firewood logs that needed to go so I helped another friend fill his available space and got a load and a half to start refilling mine, too.  I got to try out my new used Stihl 034 saw.   Never used a 28 inch bar, and as soon as I was an inch or two down, it started to bind.  I had to put a wedge in to keep it from pinching.  We figured out part of it was a dull chain, and Matt’s sharpening helped alot.  I called my brother – a former logger- and asked him about  the pinching and he said it’s gonna happen like that if the diameter you are cutting is about as wide as your saw.  So, learned something new.  And a beautiful day to cut.  The kids of the man we are cutting for always seem to be outside playing and that’s so good to see. 

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