Did some chores on the boat today.  I had to change a leaf spring that broke earlier in the week.  Of course, no one in town had the same type spring I needed.  So, I put on an easy loader spring, making the requiem 3 to 5 trips to Western Auto to finally get all the parts necessary.  Today I fixed a step on the trailer.  I also bought some LED tail lights for the boat trailer, which will last alot longer than the old bulbs.  Cleaned off my work bench, but never can seem to thow away everything I should, but mostly move things from one side of the garage to the other.   Sara finished her life guard tests and after her last day of school yesterday, will cap her retirement as the graduation speaker tomorrow. She spent most of the afternoon working on her speech.  Sunny and high 60’s today.  You can almost hear the foliage growing. 

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