Cousins in Dodge

My cousin Christine Gilroy and her tribe were in town to celebrate her husband John’s 70th birthday.  John looks – and I’m not kidding – like not a day over 55.  I used to stop at their place in Iowa when driving somewhere – NY or Mississippi – to Alaska.  We went crabbing – unsuccessfully – and over to our cabin.  Went whale watching.   They went up the tram and to the brewery.  Today they went to Haines on the ferry and then to Sara’s retirement party.  We cooked Alaskan dinner here at the house everynight.  Deer one night.  Moose the next.  Then crab – Ron gave me 10 when he scored 20.  And geoducks last night.  I made crisps for dessert from all the berries last year.  They leave in the morning and I miss them already.  It’s great having family here, especially since it’s so rare, and so harder to see people go again. 

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