Andrew, Samuel and Gloria came over to help package the salmon tonight.  I pulled each fish from the flake ice, rinsed the ice off, cut it into steaks, and put the steaks in a colendar basket.  The Contehs put the pieces in the vac pack bags and ran the packer.  Didn’t take all that long at all with so many hands.  After we finished, I helped Gloria with a class project by teaching her several knots – bolen, blood knot, and others I don’t know the names of.  Gloria will graduate from high school this year, and her expatriate family in the lower 48 will attend so now we know there will be salmon for them as with the low king salmon returns, finding salmon in May can be tough.   I vac packed the cherries I’d pitted on the ferry, and bagged up 8 cups of juice, too. After the Contehs left, I pitted the rest of the cherries.  Ellen called earlier on her way to moose camp north of Delta with Brian and Howard, and said she’d love some cherries so I’ll get plenty to her on her way back. 

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