Cherry Jelly

After I pitted the cherries from Haines last week, I put them in colendars to catch the juice like I do for salmon berries. This makes vac packing the berries easier without so much liquid. I thought I’d try my first batch of jelly ever. I’ve made tons of jam, but never tried jelly. I had 10.5 cups of cherry juice. I added 15 tsp of lemon juice and 11 tbs of no sugar ball pectin according to the Ball website recipe. I bought this to a rolling boil, added 1 cup of sugar, and boiled another minute, then put the jelly in 13 half pint jars and canned it in a boiling bath. The bottom of one of the jars broke, so I lost a 1/2 pint of jelly. Crap. I had 1/2 a pint extra of the jelly, and put that in a little plastic cup. It looked like it was going to set up great when I put it in the fridge. It was set up a few hours later, and tasted freakin’ excellent.

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