So, I come home expecting to make dinner but Sara is already on it.  Chopping up a big leek just like Lydia on Create TV.  Then a big onion.  She has my ceramic over cast iron pot I garage-saled on the stove.  She says shoot, I didn’t get any stock out.  I’m on it, I say. I walk up to the freezer in the garage and get some stock I made from the carcass of the last hooter we ate.  I get out a couple steaks of king salmon to thaw in a bowl of water.  She gets the pot going with leaks, onions,  and carrots.  Then in goes the stock.  Next is the king salmon steaks.  She takes out the steaks when they are partially cooked and pulls the meat from the bones and tosses the meat back into the pot.  Must be creme went in last I guess.   Wow.  What a salmon chowder, people. 

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