Woodstove Cooking

Sara’s had the woodstove going full bore since just after I left for Liberia when the cold set in.  On Saturday, she took out a batch of deer ribs from the freezer to boil on the woodstove.  I took out 4 packages of berries – two blue and two red huckleberry – to make pies.  She boiled the ribs all day, then took the pot off the stove to cool.  I pulled out the bones with tongs. I boiled the berries in separate pots by color for about 45 min.  During the boil, we put the store-bought crusts in the oven to bake.  When I took the berries off the stove, I added flour and a little sugar and let the berries cool. Then filled the pie crusts. The next morning, I skimmed off the fat that had hardened on the top of the water with the deer ribs.  Sara cut up celery, onions, and potatoes and added them to the pot and put it back on the stove to boil for the afternoon.  She baked some bread with cheese in it. The rib meat made excellent soup, and we had blueberry pie for dessert. 

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