God on our side

We have the sister of one of my best friends who I met at graduate school who passed away too young in December, along with her husband, in town.  They are both Methodist pastors from Mississippi. And they seem to have put God on our side, if God chooses sides.  When we got to the harbor to take a trip to Haines with Larry on Wednesday, we got the parking spot right next to the ramp we had to descend with our day packs of food and clothes.  Yesterday, the fishing was as hot as I’ve seen it.  We had several instances where we had coho on both rods, and we did not lose any fish that got hooked.  On the way home, we saw a group of orcas – 2 cows, a bull and an itsy bitsy calf  and shared the viewing with just one other boat.  We got to watch them as they cruised up the shoreline towards Pt Retreat Lighthouse.   We had fresh salmon for dinner.  While I was butchering the catch, I called to the new neighbor kids to ask their dad if they wanted a fish for dinner.  He and the kids then came over, and the youngest picked out their fish from the cleaned fish in the tub.  It was our first time meeting the dad and we’re glad to have such personable new neighbors like our good friends who moved were.   And nice to have more kid chatter in the neighborhood.

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