Whales and Salmon

Took Andrea, Christopher and Odessa whale watching and sea lion watching today after leaving for the cabin yesterday afternoon, catching a coho, and spending the night at the cabin.  After the watching, we put the gear out for coho fishing.  We caught 4 or 5 coho in an hour or two.  The kids are a well oiled machine now.  I butchered the fish, and the kids rinsed and bagged and vac packed while I ran to find a new fridge as our old fridge acted up again.  We had white king salmon for dinner with corn Andrea brought, and then I took off the doors to the new fridge to get it into the house, swapped the way the door opened at Sara’s request, then plugged in the new fridge.  We had rhubarb crisp for dessert while the new fridge was cooling. 

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