Blueberry day

blueberries on the stove with four pies on the counter

Time to clear out the freezer of blueberries today with a heavy rain and a blow coming. Rain starting now, and the blow added in tomorrow and Sunday.

I made 4 pies and 33 half pints of jam with the berries, some that I picked 3 years ago, I think.  Berries really stand up well in the freezer, even if the vacuum seal breaks.

I love the Pomona Pectin I got from David at Rainbow Foods for making jam. I first remember using it at my second job for Fish and Game about 1990 in Sand Point, making salmonberry jam. The salmonberry patch behind the Sand Point harbor was the finest I’ve seen to this day.

Pomona seems pretty foolproof for setting up. I used it to make rhubarb jelly earlier in the summer when I was having trouble with traditional pectins, and it worked great, so I ordered a case of the pectin from David so I’d have it through the winter.

For the pie filling, I used flour to thicken and sugar to taste, poured into 9 inch store-bought pie crusts. Yep. Store bought crusts. Organic, even. I’m not Martha Stewart.

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