June in the arctic

We came back to work 9 days earlier than we did last year, and during this time, the changes have been somewhat dramatic. The long days (20+ hrs) have melted the snow rapidly, revealing the brown tundra. Today, the grass went from brown to brown-green just today it seems. A few caribou were eating along the road, and still more pairs of waterfowl – phalaropes, arctic loons, Canadian geese, and other geese and ducks I need to look up again are all setting up shop to feed and nest, along with the snow buntings. There looked like a lot larger stretch of open water today as we returned to our housing here at the STP. The temps were probably only in the 40’s today, but my face is red and remains warm long after I came inside from our time outside today.

Mark Stopha
Alaska Wild Salmon Company
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