Last days fishing

I took Samuel Conteh fishing yesterday and we got 3 of the brightest fish we’ve caught at Sheep Creek.  We got a single which we didn’t even know was on there. Then got another, for which I grabbed the rod, and when I asked Samuel if he wanted to land it, we got a second on the other rod.  So I got that Rod into Samuel’s hands while I played my fish and alternated playing my fish and coaching Samuel.  I landed mine then we landed his.  A nice evening. Today, Samuel and I went out for a couple hours and it was the first time this year at Sheep Creek, I think, that we got skunked so that may be it for salmon fishing.  Samuel’s father said their freezer is plugged with all the fish we’ve caught, and we are good on fish for the year, too, so on to deer hunting it is. –

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