More blueberries

Went to our cabin and picked about 12 lbs of blueberries with a berry rake in 3-4 hours and didn’t walk more than 20 yards to get most of them they are so thick.  I’m starting to notice the differences between blueberries and blue huckleberries, a main one being that blueberries come off the stem alot easier than huckleberries.  Checked the crab pot on the way in and the way out and nothing so moved it to town.  Pouring rains here but not wind. –

blueberry season

Switched to blueberries now.  Picked 12 cups in 2.5 hours.  Kind of a downer after getting 20+ lbs of salmonberries in the same time.  Funny how there are lots of blueberries where I went but no berries on the plants in the forest behind our house.  Maybe they will show later.  80 degrees today and way too hot for me.  Jeff and I fished for kings from 4a to 6a for nada. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

Salmon Everywhere

Kurt and I headed out the 4th to fish the tip of Admiralty as I’d heard some cohos were being caught. We left at 4 am and were fishing about 445 on a flat calm morning all by ourselves. We had continuous action bringing home 3 coho and 6 pinks and we released a few pinks and lost several fish. The first coho was about 14 lbs. Fed the whole crowd at Jeff and Teri’s 4th party with fish to spare. There were pink salmon, mostly, jumping as far as you could see in any direction. Funny how it seems all we hear about are poor salmon returns, etc and we are looking at yet another banner year this year, I think. And by banner, I mean runs as big as they’ve ever been in some areas since fishing began in the late 1800’s. We’ll see. Today, I got around to some chores. I figured out how to replace Sara’s van’s motorized window crank with a manual one after the 2nd motor went kaput. Took a couple hours of figuring it out but got it to work and now we’ll do the passenger side, too. Also getting the house back together after repairing for rot in the spring. I had it replaced from studs, insulation, sheathing and tar paper, and just needed to replace the siding. I bought it on Friday and cut it today and Sara is painting it so should get it up soon. 70+ degrees today and near 80 yesterday. What a summer.

Salmon berries waning

Picked for 2 hours last night and got about 7 lbs of berries. Tried a new spot as it looked like someone may have been in the honey hole. The new spot was not as good as the earlier ones. Few berry bushes with fewer berries and berries getting alot softer, although still sweet. Found out that stinging nettles look a lot like salmon berries. Got stung on my hands, which are still numb this morning. Also learned I should let the berries strain overnight. After straining off about a pint of juice from the 7 lbs in the usual fashion last night as I’d done before vac packing, I put this batch of berries in the fridge, instead of vac packing and freezing, as Sara wants to make something with them and rhubarb for the 4th of July party at Jeff’s. This morning there was another pint of juice under the strainer.

Blueberries Already

Went with Laura to pick blueberries last night. This is the earliest I’ve ever picked blue berries by at least a month. Berries were abundant. Picked 8 cups worth and Laura got about the same or more, I think. Will take the berry picker rake next time, as it’s much more efficient it seems for the blue berries. Still have blue fingers today. A little rain then more warm weather on the way. Losing the king salmon to the seal still stings today!

Even bigger Losers

As a postscript to the last blog entry, Jeff sent the following:”It wasn’t over yet. After I dropped you off the net blew out of the boat (how I don’t know) and 3 yes 3 cars ran it over before I could get it. HOW do 3 cars run over a big net in the middle of the road? Wouldn’t you think they would drive around it!”