hooter soup

I cooked the backs and necks of last weeks hooters in water on the wood stove, simmering them for several hours.  I strained off and saved the broth, then hand picked the meat off the backs and necks.  I garage saled a sweet dutch oven enamel pot like Lydia uses on her cooking show.  I fried a diced sweet onion and half a bunch of celery in olive oil in the pot.  Then added some white wine and let it reduce by half.  I poured in the broth, added the picked meat, then cut up the other half of the celery bunch in bigger slices and added those.  Then a package of dried mushrooms. After this simmered in the pot on the woodstove for a time, I added some garlic salt to taste.  We had this over brown rice.  Sara liked it too. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

8 lugs of toil

Living in Juneau, I’ve owned mostly 3/4 ton trucks.  There’s not far to drive here, so gas mileage is less important than having  a vehicle to tow my boat and haul firewood.  Changing studded tires to summer tires is a chore in itself.  But changing old ford F250 tires is even more of a treat.  Each lug is fine threaded.  So you can’t just get it started and it spins off with the 4 way wrench.  You have to turn every lug every turn to get it off.  32 times.  The old trucks have 8 lugs per wheel.  Only took me an hour to do over lunch yesterday, and glad it’s done.  Next tool in my list is an impact wrench. –

Putting up the harvest

I cleaned the hooters when I got home and put them in a bowl of saltwater to soak and remove more blood overnight. I changed the water yesterday morning before work, and returned the bowl to the fridge. Last night I butchered. I keep the whole bird – breast, back, wings, legs and neck – as there’s lots of meat on all the parts. I put the backs and necks in a pot of water to simmer on the woodstove for soup. When I vac packed the birds, I wrapped them up in the plastic vegetable grocery bags first to try to cushion the bones so they would not poke through the vac bags. Seemed to work okay, and a new use for those grocery bags. Next time I am going to pluck the birds instead of skinning, and then use a propane torch to get rid of any remaining pin feathers, which I’ve not tried before. Thank you, you tube. Supposed to be rain this weekend but hopefully the birds will come out to hoot again..

Best 5 years of my life…………………….Mark Stopha trolling log, 2001-1005

Fishing Log, Dutch Master, 2001- Mark Stopha

King Opener, July 1-6, 2001 with Eric McDowell. Fished Cape Cross. No gear loss from tying. Shitty snaps caused flasher loss. Fished hard July 1-4, then 1/2 to 3/4 days July 5 and 6 to get rest. Repaired PTO and rigging and poles. Early on, standard blue and white cuttlefish hootchies worked. Then yellow with fluorescent orange spots or stripes. Fished 28 fathoms of gear in 30 to 40 fathom drag. Ate good. Got enough rest Prospected a little bit. Rigged tag lines good. Bad list includes poor gurdy wire, bad knife sharpener and bad gurdy blocks. Eric helped me rig the boat bought from Hank Oiler in Petersburg, then showed me how to troll.

July 23. Leave Juneau with Ken Imamura for the outside coast at 330 pm. Full fuel and water. Arrived Hoonah at 130 am.

July 24. Ice up in Hoonah. Leave 830 am. Through Inian Pass 230 pm.

July 25. About 100 cohos at 3 Hill.

July 26. 74 coho at noon at 3 Hill. 56 Coho noon-7 at 3 Hill. total 130 coho.

July 27. 86 coho at noon at 3 Hill. 120 coho total at 4 pm. Went to sell.

July 28. 65 coho at noon at 3 Hill. 147 total at 4pm. 180 total at 8pm.

July 29. 39 coho. Fished 11 am to 3 pm.

July 30. About 100. Joe DeGisi and Liza deckhands.

July 31. 128 coho. Hardly any fish till we found them in front of South Pass at 230 pm. Tide was high about noon and so ebbing. Lots of feed.

Aug 1. 120 at the 9 1/2 hump off Cape Spencer in front of 3 Hill. Fished 11 am to 9 pm. Best pull of the day was the last one. Didn’t find fish till we tried the hump, then got several every pass.

Lost alot of gear to what I’m guessing were kings at 50 fathom drag at C. Spencer. Might be place to try in Aug.

Aug 2. 110 at 9 1/2 hump w/Joe and Liza. Fished 630 am to 530 pm.

Aug 3. 60 at 9 1/2 hump.

Aug 4. 60 at 9 1/2 hump.

Aug 5. 50 from 530 am to noon. 50 fa drag on Lisianski side where 7 fa hump is.

Aug 8. 70

Aug 9: 104

Aug 10: 65

Aug 13-17: Closure

Aug 18-22. Eric and Chris McDowell lease boat for second king opening.

Aug 23. Jimmy Rayburn and John Taylor from Mississippi State here. 60 in 4 hours at North Pass.

Aug 24. 130 Coho at North Pass.

Aug 25. 149 Coho at North Pass

Aug 26. 111 at N. Pass (2/3 day fished)

Aug 27. 79 at N. Pass (2/3 day fished)

Aug 28. 95 at N. Pass 7 a to 430 pm Sell on Aug 28, 285. 10 to John and Jim so 275 sold.

Aug 29. Did not fish. Changed oil, installed rear bilge pump in stern under cockpit and removed water filter because I couldn’t break the seal to change the cartridge. Organized fishing gear in drawers, refilled fresh water, and emptied used oil at dock.

Aug 30. 110 at N. Island. 630 a to 6 pm.

Aug 31. 45 at N. Island. 6:10 a to 5 pm. East wind. No fish in afternoon.

Sept. 1. 5 Fish. Only made one pass. Hydraulics down. Turned out to just need a new filter. Others said fishing was scratchy. N. Island seems to be drying up. Sold fish today. 160 (157 on ticket).

Sept. 2. 41 fish. N. Pass. 925 a to 615 p fished.

Sept 3. 41 fish. 24 off N. Island, rest at Wimbledon. 615 a to 6 pm.

Sept 4. N. Pass during flood, then to Pt. Dundas for ebb. Caught 74 but should have over 100 but for kelp tangled lines and dropped fish. Sending to town checks for 656, 766.32, 743,76, 1270.08, 1393.20 with Jacques and one king.

Sept. 5. 94 fish. Fished flood at Wimbledon and ebb at Pt. Dundas. Choked gear up to 22 fa because was seeing no fish on bottom spreads. Much better, as can run gear alot quicker. 915 am to 730 p fished.

Sept 6. 84 fish. Flood at N. Pass, ebb at Dundas, but didn’t fish Dundas long. Lost a 60 lber and also had kelp problems. Good bite at N. Pass and some big fish. Fished 9 a to 6 p.

Sept. 7. Only 2 fish. Rough weather. Only pulled gear once. Anchored in Dundas Arms. Had to move several times.

Sept. 8. Did not fish . Got new GPS.

Sept. 9. Only 26 fish. Fished about 9 a to 7 p. Fished N. Island, North Pass.

Sept 10. Better day. 76 fish. Ebb tides were good at next bay east of Fern Harbor towards N. Pass. Sold to Hoonah today, 102 fish.

Sept. 11. 70 fish today. Terrorists ran 2 airliners into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. I wouldn’t have known had Sara not called in the AM. Fished same place as yesterday. Good in early AM, but I got my stabilizer caught in a halibut buoy right when I was on fish.

Sept 12. Big blow forecast, so fished 9-1 at the TV drag in front of Elfin Cove. About 15 fish is all. Sold 85 fish today.

Sept. 13. Did not fish due to weather.

Sept. 14. 47 fish at Yakobi. Hoktaheen fish. It’s not worth the fishing conditions. Will fish N. Pass tomorrow.

Sept 15. Fished 9 to 230 for 5 fish. Headed to Homeshore.

Sept 16. Caught about 50 at Homeshore to Couverdon. End of Season!

October. Fished weekend with Ken. 2 Shakers at Doty’s side of Stephens Passage. 20 fa. Fished one other time with Aldwin backside of Douglas – nothing.


May 27. Homeshore. 9 kings. Caught 2 or 3 on #7 or 8 bronze McMahon, 2 on white hootchies, 2 on yellow/red hootchie, 1 on silver McMahon, 1 on green/yellow needlefish spoon, 1 on herring. Fished 5 a to 6 p. 1st fish at 9 a, clatter of 4 mid-day. Low tide 829 am, -4.1 ft. High tide 2:59 pm, 16.4 ft. Fished 20 fa, caught fish cabin to pas transfer station dock.

May 28. Put ad on Problem Corner. Sold on fish on hand in first 2 calls. Had 2 more calls that I can’t fill right now. No fish through 2 pm today. First customers: Gary Rosenberger, Don Swanke, Ron Chapman, Frank Homan, Andy Gray, Jim, and Charles.

June 2. 4 fish at Homeshore right around high tide. Several shakers. All looked like jacks. Fished 10 a to 9 p, 20 fa gear. High tide 809 pm, 13 ft.

June 3. 1 white king, McMahon #8 bronze. Fished 4 a to 10 a. One big shaker, too. Tons and tons of bait on surface. High tide at 8 am, 11.9 ft.

June 14. Fished Homeshore. 1 keeper, lots of shakers. White hootchie and blue and green hootchie and rainbow spoons.

June 15. Great day of king fishing. Tried Sophia last night and no luck so anchored in White Stone. Was going to head down Chatham to find boats, but at Augusta it looked too rough so I turned back towards Whitestone. Gone a fish, and kep fishing Augusta all dar for about a dozen kings, a couple coho, dogs and pinks and rockfish. Total: 15 (?) kings. Fished 7 a to 845.

June 16. Only 2 kings in. Lost 1 or 2. At Augusta. Heard Joe Emerson and Lou Barr talking that today was slow, too. Fished 11 a to 8 p.

June 17. 2 kings, all on white hootchies, at Whitestone. Shakers at Augusta. Saw killer whale with bent over dorsal fin. Saw bear on beach in AM in Whitestone. Fished 5a to 1 p.

What I learned in Spring 2003 trolling. Long (3 fa) leaders worked; 1.5 fa leaders did not. Slow,slow, slow speed. White hootchies and mother of pearl number 7 Canadian Wonder spoons are best with blue/green hootchie and copper McMahon number 8’s next best.

2003 season

May 31. Ran Harris Harbor to Swanson Harbor. Engine running fine. Saw a coyote on the beach in Swanson.

June 1. Homeshore. Low tide 846 am. First king of season about 815 (white!) on white hootchie. 2nd Kinga 10 am in the deep near where I caught fish number 1 (also a white!). Third king 12 noon (again a white) on mother of pearl spoon. Chums moved in on almost every hook so moved to Whitestone. 515 p Big king at Whitestone on white hootchie. 7 p medium king on blue/red spoon. Fished 730 a to 730 p.
Total: 1 30 lb red, 1 15 lb red, 1 22 lb white, 1 25 lb wie, 1 12 lb white. Saw 3 bears on beach at Whitestone in the evening and one in the morning. Oil line problem kept me in harbor most of day.

June 2. Lost 2 gallons of oil. Never ran through that much before. Problem was found quickly – always the hardest part. It was a hose that connects the block to the oil pressure and drive oil gauge. I first tried marine text (wouldn’t stick to hose), then jury rigged some clear plastic tubing, which melted about a mile from the anchorage. I found some better black hose tubing and that worked okay but I still didn’t know if it would hold. I took off against my better judgement, and fished Pt. Augusta. Bob Bue called, and I told him what happened, and he said in the Bue way that I was stupid for chancing it. So, I pulled up the gear, and went back to Whitestone harbor. I found enough copper tubing and parts to fix it pretty close to right, using all metal fittings and no hoses, so there should be no way of a catastrophic blow-out again. I just have to keep an eye on it for leaks. Fished 4 p to 9 p at East Pt. One strike, no fish. Lots of bait. Did catch 1 small on last pass on white hootchie. Anchored in Pavlov harbor for the first time on Joe Emerson’s advice. Saw 2 bears in one patch of grass by the stream, and a sow with three cubs – young of the year- on the east beach. The cubs chased each other the whole time I watched them. Thought I’d hit the hay as soon as I got the anchor down but had to have a pop and watch all the bears.

June 3. Fished 630-830 at East Pt. No fish. Lots of bait. 2 bears in Pavlov again this morning. Moved to Fish Creed. Fish 1 at 1030 blue/green hootchie 20 fa, bottom spread; #2 and 3 at 10:45 (one on white hootchie, one on blue/green); #4 blue/green. First rockfish of season – hard to believe it’s taken this long. A good size pod of killer whales came through teh 3 of us fishing today, and now there’s dahl porpoises following 2 of us trolling. Finished last 1.5 hours at East Pt. Caught 1 white small king on blue/green. Low tide 10 am. High 430 pm.

June 4. Started the day off BAD. I was too worried about the boat next to me that I got into shallow water, lost my starbard heavy, brought up the wire, but put on another 50, and proceeded to have the wire jump off the spool, allowing the 50 to free spool for about 5 ft, at which time it broke off too! Glad I started making my own leads this year – it’s over $1/lb now at the store. Fished up and back one pass at East Pt with 2 other boats (Hawk and Shirley N) and no fish so moved to Fish Creek. First coho today. Caught 1 at mouth of fish creek on pearl spoon at 1015. 2nd king on #8 McMahon bronze spoon at 330 pm and 3rd king at 345 on blue/green hootchie. Caught last two at Pt. South of Fishery Creek. Lost another keeper on bronze spoon near Hepburn. Anchored in Hepburn- nice anchorage, for SE wind, at least. Caught 5 or 6 rockfish from Fishery Pt up to Hepburn, too, and a lot of shakers in one spot. The Three Daughters was coming south on the 20 fa line, and as I was going north toward Hepburn, I assumed I had the right of way. He never moved off, and I had to put the coals to it, pass in front of him, and around him or lose all my gear. He never called on the VHF. Not sure what the deal is. It’ a Hoonah boat, so I’ll have to ask Jim D.

June 5. LT= 1140am; HT = 440 am and 603 pm. Started fishing right out of Hepburn and got 2 nice kings first pull (7 am) Got up late, too! Then 6 more – best day yet, and I never saw another boat – maybe others are getting 20 or 30 or maybe not. Caught the first 2 at 7 am, then 1 at 8, 9, 11, then nothing till 430 and got the 3 more at between 430 and 9. Pulled the gear at 945. Sold all fish but one already (giving 1 seal bit fish to Ken and 1 to Rainbow). 16 hrs fishing.

June 6. Left from Hepburn for Auke Bay to Sell at 6 am. Arrive Juneau about 1230 pm (time 7 hrs).

June 7. Leave Juneau 820am. Tank ½ way between ½ and ¾ full (2/3). Through I had all fish sold yesterday but miscounted so had 2 left. Only took about 15 minutes to sell final 2. Gross value last week about $1,300, thanks to 7 out of 20 sold where whites. This year’s prices: $2.99/lb for reds and $4.99/lb for whites. Gear in at 145pm. Fish 1 on Copper Spoon 345 pm. Port bag bottom. Nor more fish there. 7 pm caught 3 chums on last pull heading to Whitestone to anchor of the NW wind. Fished at Augusta for about 45 minutes, no fish except 1-2 chums. 14 hrs.
June 8. First fish at Whitestone at 430 am on white hootchie on port bag. Several shakers on blue/green hootchie on port bag. #3 on blue/green hootchie 515am. #2 on white hootchie 515 am. 645 left for greener pastures. All Whitestone fish small. Fished Augusta and south till 9 am. Caught squat. Heading to Hepburn. Pretty good northwester today. Gear in at Hepburn at 1015am. Pulled gear at 1130 am. Lots of feed and chums but no kings. Heading to Pavlov for a napperoo. Took my first nap at midday today like a lot of trollers do. Couldn’t keep my eyes open, but sucked to have to run an hour to find a place to anchor in this wind. Back out at 330 pm at East Pt. #4 at East Pt. 430 pm, white hootchie. Port heavy (white king). #5 at 8 pm on last pull on white hootchie (medium red fish and dark). Total: 5 fish, none large.

I made a big mistake talking to AW about the incident I had with the Three Daughters. He called the guy, blew it all out of proportion, and then I heard the guy threatening to run me up on the rocks when he knew I was listening to him on the radio today. That’s all I need – some more danger out here.

June 9. LT 315 am. HT 920 am LT 324 pm. HT 945 pm. Gear down 430 am. Add 1 gal oil. Checked fitting and tightened one to oil pressure gauge. Wind calm. First fish 5 am large. Lots of bait. Saw one big fish swirl on surface. 3 more fish by 7 am and another on the port heavy. All caught on north side of East Pt and up to Rock at the tip of East Pt, some out in the deep. Changed over after the first one to all white hootchies. 2 more by 730 = 6 total. #7 at 9 pm, blue/red spoon (small red). #8 small red on white hootchie, south East Pt. On Tenakee side of drag. 930 am white hootchie, port heavy #9 small white, white hootchie, south of East Pt, starbard bag, #10 large red and #11 small red on white hootchie starbard bag, 12 noon. 1230 large red, white hootchie, #12 #13 400 med red on North Side of E. Pt #14,15,16 and 17 – 1 small white, 2 small reds, 1 med red north side. Whales, feed all over. #18 medium white, white hootchie. 7Pm #19 medium red, white hootchie. 730 last pull. 845 no keepers. 19 keepers. Best spring day ever. Bears in Pavlof in pm of 8th and am of 9th.

June 10. Gear in 4 am. Wind north. Pretty calm. 4 fish at 6 am (2L, 1M, 1 S reds). All starboard side, north side of East Pt. 8 fish from N. side of Pt to 5 and a half fa on S. Side. 1 XL white, 3 lrg, 3 med, 1 sml reds. Bronze spoon, blue/red spoon, and hootchie. A lot bigger fish today on average, but lots of 24-27 and a half inch fish shakers, too. 11 am large red king, N. side, white hootchie. Large and med reds noon-1 pm.

Took a nap from 2 to 330. When I came back out, fish everywhere on N. Side and zero other boats. I caught 8 the first tack (3 M, 3 Sm reds, 1 sm, 1 med white). Lots of shakers moved in. Caught another 5 keepers, many just over 28”. Fished till 8ish then tried anchoring at Wachusett instead of Pavlov since it’s closer to the drag. Total of 28 fish today, best spring day ever. Not sure how many more I can get (20-40) with the ice I have left. Will probably head home early, since will have on the order of 60-70 kings to sell.

June 11. Calm, beautiful sunrise. Pulled anchor and chain was wrapped around the flukes. Must be form setting the anchor while moving forward. Will have to watch that. With so much anchor chain, the boat still held in the light breeze. Gear down at 430 am. First fish (med lrg red) 5 am. 2Nd 530 am at E. Pt. Fewer shakers so far today. Had #3 on. Hooked him to the fighting snubber. After a minute or 2 of playing him he made another run. I squeezed the rubber snubber clip at where it hooked to the fighting snubber, released the whole thing, and he was gone. First day of wind shift to SE. Caught 2 small ones (reds). Caught another small one on a white and black hootchie flasher on a spoon length leader. Changed all of heavy flashers to black/wt but only have caught fish on the shorter flasher leader. Third fish in an hour, again on short flasher leader w/white hootchie. Third fish in an hour, regular flasher, all out in middle between 64, 27 and 77 fa. 930-1015am, w/a strong tide. 2 more fish at same spot for a total of 11 by 1 pm. Naptime. Back fishing at 445 pm. Very lumpy at E. Pt. No boats. SE or E wind piling in. Caught 2 nice fish (L white, ML red), but lots of shakers. Leaving for Hepburn and to Juneau in Morning. 64 kings on board! No kings at Hepburn, 6 bombers. Headed for home on 6/11/03.

June 12-13. Sold about 60 kings $2,500.

June 14. Fixed oil pressure gauge good. Stan @ harris was going nuts trying to help me because I didn’t know the lingo. Fueled up w/250 gal, greased all fittings. Left at 245 pm from Harris Harbor. Arrive 1130 pm Whitestone Harbor. Lots of bait in harbor.

June 15. Gear in at Whitestone at 630 am. Fished till 9. No kings. 3 dogs. Moving to East Pt. Arrive East Pt. At noon, bucking tide the whole way. No boats here?

2004 Issues.
Rot to address:
1. Port side under scupper most towards the bow.par
2. Starboard side of wheelhouse.

2003: 180 spring kings, 441 Summer = 621

2004 Season
Our Prices: Red king 3.50,white 4.99, coho 1.99, rockfish/lingcod: 1.50
March 13. Tantalonto Outer Pt w/ Ken I.=0 fish

March 14. Breadline, Aaron Is., Shelter Is to Halibut Cove=0 fish. Both days 20 fa gear, white hootchie(glow in the dark) blue/green hootchie, mother of pearl spoons.

May 18. Leave Juneau for first spring trip.par

May 19. 2 kings and 2 shakers Hepburn to Fishery Creek. MOP spoons (nothing on herring, b/gr or white hootchie.

May 20. 1 king on MOP spoon. 330 a 1130 a at E. Point. Moved to Augusta. 1 med king. Fished point at Whitestone for nothing. 2 fish for day.

May 21. 1 between Whitestone and Augusta in am MOP spoon. 1 at Fishery Creek MOP spoon in pm.

May 22. 1 on glow hootchie I got an Ebay at between 5 fa and 11 fa on Fishery Creek drag, 545 am; #2 at 25 fa marker on bait EZ baiter; 645 am; 915 am #3 N of 3 fa N of Parker Pt, MOP spoon; #4, 1045 am same as #3, MOP; White King; Parker Pt. is an ebb tide drag to 2 hrs after low tide. #5 same as #2 glow below hootchie, 215 pm white king.

May 23. 6 am noon Pt Hepburn to Hawk Pt. 1 king MOP spoon. 2 shakers on glow below hootchie.

May 19-23. 12 kings- 10 red, 2 white. 9 in Chatham, 3 Pt Sophia.

May 23. Full fuel. 200 gal $354.71

May 25. Out with Dad and Marc Reisner.

May 26. Fished Whitestone to East Pt- no fish.

May 27. Fishery Creek – #1 on white hootchie; #2 on MOP; #3 MOP; #4 white hootchie; #5 HOG on MOP 1130 am; Weather- sunny, light S wind, calm seas. #6 white top hootchie; 1245pm; #7 white top hootchie; 115 p; #8 145 pm top MOP; #9 white hootchie 245 pm; #10 bottom white h; 3pm Parker Pt 2 large whites, 3 reds. 3 white and 9 red for 15total, all Chatham.

May 28. Parker Pt. 330-530 nothing. Backto Fishery Pt. #1 top white hootchie 645 am; #2 and 3 MOP and white h. 715 am; #4 MOP 730 a; #5,6,7 white h. at creek; #8 hootchie; 8 more. #17 345 p; #18 ; Total: 3 white, 15 red.

May 29. Fishery Cr. 615a #1, 10a #2, Total: 2.

Trip total: 29 red, 6 white =35 fish.

May 31. Lv Juneau with Dad. Fished afternoon for 3 kings at Fishery Creek.

June 1. No fish at Fishery Creek. 2 kings at Parker Pt. 5 more from Parker Pt to 55 fa area north of Parker Pt. 2 kings 55 to 25; 3 kings. Total 11 red, 2 white. Boat Standy only other boat . He dragged to Fishery Creek and out of sight.hite

June 2. 3 kings at 5a at creek and 25 fa mark. 2 kings 10 fa area near 55 fa; 6 at creek; 3 in front of creek at high tide; 1 rockfish, 1 ‘coho. 1 kind at creek. 3 at BS Cove Pt; Total 23 red and 3 white=26 kings. No other boats here or at E Pt. Fished down to Parker Pt in am and back to Fishery Creek.

June 3. 430 to 615 am. Fishery Creek – zip. Move to Parker Pt. 3 at PP at low tide. Parker Pt. – good around low tide. yYou can fish it at low and ride tide back to Fishery Cr. We caught few fish going south from Fishery Cr to Parker Pt., but did catch going north, so better to run down to PP and fish back norththanto fish all the way down. 2 kings at noon (lost another) between W. rock and 55 fa; 1 king; 3 more. 9 for day – 8 red, 1 white. N. wind beating hell out and few fish so heading to town at 345 pm. Trip : 45 red, 6 white = 51.

June 4. Sell

June 5. Fished 430 – 630 pm at Fishery Creek w/2 other boats (Rascal and Hank). No fish or seen caught.

June 6. Gear down 4 am. 1 small (white). Moved at 7 am to Parker Pt. 3 more at Parker Pt around low tide.no 5 Parter Pt; no 6 white @ 55 fa. Standy, Gavia and Loretta Ann fishing at Parker Pt. No fish at Fishery Cr. In late afternoon.
Total: 4 red and 2 white = 6 kings

June 7. Gear down 4 am. 415 am fish at 31 fa no. of Fishery Pt (red); no 2 on MOP spoon w/tspoon blade (white); no 3 and 4 at 31 south of 10 fa N. of Parker Pt (mop and white hootchie); no 5 (red) @ Parker Pt (mop and white hootchie); no 5 red Parker Pt (mop); no 6 white hootchie near surface (red); no 7 mop spood middle 2 fa; no 8 top spread white hootchie (white); no 9 top 2 fa spoon (red); Total: 7 red + 2 white = 9 total.

Tue June 8. No fish at Fishery Cr and nasty west wind so crossed over to East Pt. No 1 840 am white hootchie FW Bay side; no 2 9 15 am same side (red); no 3 on Tenakee Side (red); no 4 on FW side (red) no 5 and 6 on white hootchie FW side, no 7 mop spoon on bag (red); no 8 white hootchie (white); no 9 mop spoon on bag; no 10 and 11. Total 10 red + 1 white = 11 total.

June 9. Gear down at 510 am. Been losing a lot of fish this week. You see he’s on there by watching the spring but when you pull the gear, no fish. Sharpened hooks but that didn’t help. No 1 and 2 on Tenakee side; 830 am (red); no 23 and 4 Tenakee Side (red); 1030 am no 5 Tenakee Side (red); no 5 Tenakee Side (red) no 6 11 am (white); no 7 noon (red) no 8 1225; no 9 1pm (red); no 10 149 pm hootchie (red); lingcod near reef on Tenakee Side; no 11 and 12 at Pt (big ones); no 13 FW side 630 pm; no 14 and 15 (red and white) no 16 and 17 730 pm (red); no 18 (red); 19-22 (red); 23 red (930 pm). Total: 21 Red + 2 white = 23 total 1 ling cod.

On June 9 we got into a school of fish in the evening. I had on mainly hootchies on all wires. I put 2 fa spoons in between the flashers w/o skipping any wire marks, and caught more fish and the gear did not tangle.

Thur June 10. Gear down 430 am; SQUAT! Left about 930 am. Trip Total: 42 Red + 7 white = 49 total (running total = 147)..

June 13. Leave 515 am almost full fuel. I got 300 gallons. Gear down at Fishery Creek about 1 pm. #1 130 pm hootchie (red). No more. Moved to East Pt. No 2 at 430 N. Side mop. No 3 Tenakee side. Chum 615 pm. Total: 3 red king and 1 chum.

June 14. Gear down 5 am. No fish at East Pt. Fishery Creek. No 1 and 2 @ 25 fa one on big white hootchie and other on clear glow w/flecks. No 3 and 4 on big hootchie, one mop spoon. Chum. No 4 mop (red). No 6 mop at 10 fa corner N. of Parker Pt. (red); No 7 mop same as no 6 (red); no 8 big white hootchie; no 9 clear w/ black eyes and fleck. 2nd chum on hootchie. No 10 Parker Pt same hootchie as no 9; no 11 mop (red). Total: 11 red king and 2 chum.

June 15. Gear down Parker Pt 430. No 1 445 am glow hootchie (red); no 2, 3, 4 mop, blow below clear (red) 515 am; no 5 big white hootchie; no 6 mop (6 am); no 7 hootchie; no 8 clear hootchie 715 am; no 9 and 10 745 am; cod; no 11 hootchie; 2 coho; no 12 mop 10 am; no 13 and 14 1130 am; 2 coho ; no 15 1245 pm mop; 1 rockfish; no 15 mop 130 pm; no 17 mop (red) 145 pm; no 18 big whit hootchie 2 pm (white); no 19 215 pm glow below hootchie; no 20 and 21 230 pm, mop and hootchie (red and white); no 22 345 pm; no 23 430 pm (red); no 24 445 pm; coho; no 25 mop 6 pm.

June 16. Gear down 730. 4 kings (3 red, 1 white); 2 coho; no 5 mop 930; 15 red and 1 white by noon= 21 total; changed heavys to all mop spoons as that is what kings were biting. Clattered up on 2 passes – 2 fish/wire; 11 fish the first pass and 6 the next. Hoonah price is $2.50. No 22 mop 150 pm (red); 23, 24, 25- 230 pm 2 mop, 1 hootchie; 4 pm big white hootchie; no 26 (red); 3 more by 530 (reds) 29 total. 30 and 31 at 6pm mop. No 32 mop 730 pm. No 33 9 pm hootchie. Total: 31 red and 2 white = 33 kings and 2 coho.

A whole pod of humpbacks came by right next to the boat. They put on a show bubble net feeding right along the shore. All mop spporns getting clatter affect. Want to try all 4 or all 2 fa leaders to see if even better. Trip total 74 red and 5 white = 79 kings, 8 coho, 3 chum, 2 rock fish, 1 cod.

June 19. Back at Parker Pt. Got ice in Hoonah yesterday on way down. Matt Josephson on as crew. Gear down 4 am. No 1 red 4 fa spoon. Gear: Heavy’s 4 fa spoon (no skips) on port; 2 fa spoons (no skips) on starbard. Both bags are 4 fa white hootchie over 2 fa spoons (no skips); Spoons all mother of pearl (mop). 715 am no 2 white hootchie. 2 large rockfish. No 3 915 am mop spoon. Nothing. Moved to East Pt. 1 30 no 4 king, 2 chum, 1 coho. 230 no 5 king, no 3 and 4 chum, no 4 chum, no 2 and 3 coho, 5 pm back to Fishery Creek. No fish. Total: 4 red, 1 white, 4 chum 3 coho, 2 rockfish.

June 20. At Parker Pt gear down 445 am. Record temps this week. High 70’s and into the 80’s Trolled to Danger Pt and Harry Samato showed us a 30 fa drag. Lowered gear to 28 fa w/so much sun. 2 rockfish, 2 chum, 1 coho, 1 king. No 2 king, no 4 and 5 chum, no 3 rockfish, no 4 rockfish, no 6 and 7 chum, no 3 king; no 4 king, no 5 rockfish, no 8 chum, no 2 coho, no 6 and 7 rockfish, no 5 king, no 8 rockfish, no 9 rockfish, no 6 king, no 10-14 rockfish, no 15 rockfish, June 20 total: 7 red king, 15 rockfish, 7 chum, 2 coho.

Had a shark today for bout 5 minutes. Matt had him right up to the boat, then let him stay back there till I figured out if I wanted to try and land him. He finally cut the line. LOTS of big bombers today at Parker and Danger points.

June 21. Gear down 530 am Parker Pt. No 1 king 545 white hootchie (white); no 2 king 730; 1 chum, 1 coho, 1-5 rockfish, no 6 rockfish, 8-12 rockfish, no 3-6 king; no 13 rockfish; no 2 chum, no 2 coho, no 7 king 2pm; no 8 king 330 pm, no 9-10 king; no 3 chum, no 14 rockfish, no 15 and 16 rockfish. Total: 9 red and 1 white king, 16 rockfsih, 3 chum, 2 coho.

June 22: Gear down 530 am. 1 chum. 2 red king 8 am. No 2 chum and 1 coho. No 1-6 rockfish, 7-9 rockfish, 3-8 king 2 pm. No 3 chum, no 9 king, no 4 chum, no 2 coho, no 10 king (white), no 11 king (white), no 5 and 6 chum, no 11-14 rockfish. Total: 9 red and 2 white kings, 14 rockfish, 6 chum, 2 coho

June 23. Gear down 530 am at Parker Pt. 1 chum in one pass. Moved to Danger Pt. No 2 chum. 1 king 950 am. No 2-4 king 1040 am; no 5 king 11 am; no 3 chum, no 6 king 1200 (white); no 7 king no 4 chum, 120 pm; no 8 king 4 pm; no 1 rockfish, no 1 coho, no 9 king, no 5 chum, no 10 king 605 pm, no 11 635 pm, 1 cod. No 6 chum. Total: 10 red and 1 white king. 6 chum. 1 rockfish, 1 cod, 1 coho.

June 24: Anchored @ 31/2 bite in front of Angoon. Gear down at 530 am at Danger Pt. Day total: 7 red and 2 white kings. 7 coho , 8 chum, 11 rockfish.

TRIP TOTAL: 46 Red and 7 white kings = 53 kings, 17 coho, 34 chum, 59 rockfish, 1 cod.

Spring 2004 Total: 246 red king, 33 white king, 2 cod, 62 rockfish, 37 chum, 25 coho

June 29: Leave Juneau 940 am. Full Fuel, new oil, tranny oil, oil filter. Full ice in Hoonah.

Summer 2004.

July 1. Gear down 330 am. White hootchies, mop spoons, 20 fa of gear out. Yakobi drag. 12 kings, 8 coho, 2 rockfish, 1 lingcod by 7 am. Fished Yakobi 330 to 11 am then surge bay 28 fa drag. Total day 1 – 41 red king, 2 white king, 53 coho, 6 rockfish, 3 lingcod.

July 2. Fished Yakobi and Surge Bay. Overcast weather. Slight swell. Anchored for first time in the south 40, as Ted Merrill led me into the anchorage. Very cool place. Lots more room than typical day in Hocktaheen. Pulled off top spreads. Fishing now mostly for kings so no to fill hold with coho. Day 2 total: 33 red king, 1 white king, 42 coho, 2 rockfish, 3 chum.

July 3. 37 red and 3 white king, 52 coho, 2 rockfish, 2 lingcod, 1 chum.

July 4. 46 red kings, 3 white kings, 55 coho, 1 rockfish, 1 chum.

July 5. 10 red and 1 white king, 10 coho.

Trip Total July 1-5:
167 Red king, 10 white king, 210 coho, 11 rockfish, 5 ling cod, 5 chum.

First summer trip. Boat worked great. No mechanical problems. Hydraulics ran great. Lost 2 cannon balls, gaff and toilet seat. After a couple days of seeing what jobs Tom Josephson and I could to be most efficient I fished and cleaned fish and Tom iced fish and steered. Day 4, especially, we worked well together. With so many cohos (and some pinks) we went to fishing 2 or 3 4 fa leaders w/mother of pearl number 7 canadian wonder spoons on each wire. After watching Joe Emerson this year and last, when we got into the kings at Yakobi, I stayed in the pit, bird dogging the wires and clearing fish. We only had 15 or 20 kings when we moved to the Yakobi drag from Surge Bay drag. We ended up the day with 49 at 10 pm and could have kept fishing be we were getting stupid from being tired, and when I lost a cannon ball and 2 fish, I thought I’d better be safe and go in.176 kings for the 4.5 days of fishing – best ever trip.

Yakobi/Hocktaheen drag seems to definitely be an ebb tide affair. During the flood, probably best to move to the long Surge drag.

July 8. Leave Juneau w/full fuel. Caught in town an extra day because Dick didn’t have enough tote space for our fish. Tom Josephson back for another trip. Foggy when we hit the outer coast about 6 pm.

July 9. Hocktaheen drag. 12 kings and 12 coho. Mark tried to “fix” autopilot by bleeding the forward aft pump. I pulled out the wrong screw and then we had no steering…even with the wheel. I noticed some bb’s under the pump but wasn’t sure if they came out of the pump or not. Tom and I tried to bleed system. Got hydraulic fluid absolutely everywhere with no luck. I called Jim Gerahty at Maritime Hydraulics. I first talked to his worker John, who told us to hard over the rudder and bleed the helm. That didn’t work. Tom and I steered at the rudder by hand and got anchored in Hocktaheen. I called Jim back. He asked me what I’d done to cause the problem. Then said those bb’s were the check valves in the helm. I drained all the helm pump fluid, put back in the bb’s, and within 5 minutes we had steering again.

July 10. 35 red kings, 3 white kings, 44 coho, 1 rockfish.

July 11. Fished surge drag morning to early afternoon then hocktaheen later afternoon. 28 kings by noon. Total: 40 Red, 3 white, 7 coho.

July 12. Gear down 530 am – 545 am. No fish at Hocktaheen so dropped gear down to 28 fa and went to Surge Bay drag. Kings started biting about 730 am and didn’t quit til 230 pm. We caught 52 kings – our boat record – and headed to town. White hootchies and MOP spoons both worked about the same. Fished 4 spreads on the bottom and that’s all. By 230 pm: 50 red, 2 white, 10 coho 1 chum!

Trip Total: 145 kings, 60 coho, 2 chum and 1 rockfish.

2004 SUMMER OPENER TOTAL: 322 kings.

July 16. Leave Juneau with Mark Griffith.

July 17. Cross Sound. Fished 3 Hill to Surge Bay. Caught 3 kings in the deep near Yakobi. 34 cohos.

July 18. Yakobi Rock. 84 coho.

July 19. Gear down 6 am. 35 coho. Moved to Cape Spencer. Finished with 135 coho and 4 rockfish at 7pm.

July 20. 98 coho by noon. 139 at 430 pm. Cape Spencer flats.

July 21. 75 coho. 1 ling cod. Trip Total: 467 coho.

July 22. 35 coho. Got caught at Spencer and came through some of the biggest water I’ve ever done with the Dutch Master. Had lunch in Elfin Cove with Mark Griffith, then headed into Anchorage at Pinta Cove behind Adolphus.

July 23. 78 coho at Adolphus.

July 24: Pleasant Is reef drag. 12 fish by 9 am. Poor Fishing! Moved back to Adolphus. Same as day before. 5 to 10 a pass when we were going to leave had a fish every hook so make another pass. 57 coho for the day. Fish hit almost 1 hour after low tide.

Trip Total: 170 coho.

Aug 3. Leave Juneau. Full fuel. Iced in Hoonah, anchored east of Pinta Cove. Stayed in town all last week making dog treats as processor couldn’t help us with it.

Aug 4. Pt Adolphus 22 coho.

Aug. 5 Fished 3 Hill. 38.

Aug 6. Cross Sound. George’s rock to Gaff Rock. 70 coho.

Aug 7. Same spot 15 by 930 am and big fish. 23 for day. Trip Total; 153 coho, 4 pink and 1 lingcod.

2nd 2004 King Opening Aug 12-15.
Aug 11: Leave Juneau- Full Fuel. With Ken Imamura
Aug 12. Surge Bay. 24 kings, 41 coho, 10 chum, 11 pink.

Aug 13. 20 king, Surge Bay.

Aug 14. 21 kings

Aug 15. 49 kings Podium end of drag. Very Warm. Even the wind was warm. Like standing in front of a warm exhaust or something.

Trip Total: 104 kings, 176 coho, 24 chum, 20 pink, 1 rockfish.

Kings only biting bottom mop spoons. Took off upper spoons and just fished 2 or 3 flashers to try to target kings. We had orders for about 70 fish, so we were sweating it until the last day.

Coho to date: 794. Kings: 705. 2nd King Opening personal use: 3 coho, 20 pinks, 3 kings.

Back out Aug 23. Ran to Hoonah for ice, then back to Lizard Head by 330 pm. 2 fish.

8/24. 64 coho. Beautiful day . Caught 2/3 of fish around the kittens. The rest Retreat and back. Fewer fish Retreat and back but mostly big ones..

8/25. 28 fish. Poor fishing but nice day. Fished from Funter to Retreat and back. Scratch all day.

8/26. 29.

8/27. Low pressure. Rain. SW15-20 wind moved in. Big fish. 30 fish.

Trip Total: 151 coho. Year to date: 945 coho.

Aug 31. Retreat: 30 coho. 1 chum.

Sept. 1 w/Ron Josephson. 30 coho.

Trip Total: 60 coho.

Sept 6. Retreat. 55 fish.

Sept 7. 22.

Trip= 77 fish..

Sept. 10. 72 fish. Good fishing. Beautiful day. N. wind in early am, then layed right down. High over cast. Fished Retreat to False Retreat. No other trollers in sight A few sport boats False Retreat to Cordwood Creek.

Sept 15. Southeast wind. Overcast. 8 fish. Blush and skinny. End of season.

Summer Total: 1160 coho. Spring/Summer King total: 705 kings.

Oct 12. First day of winter trolling. Weather turned to crap NE 25 and rain. Went hunting in Elfin Cove. Kicked a deer out as I entered the woods going up the valley and to the left at the top of the trail behind Hap’s house. Fumbled and finally got my call up as the deer ran up the hill. Blew the call, and the deer stopped broadside for a perfect shot. The closest rest, when I looked through the scope, had a tree in front of it. I moved forward to another one, and the deer left. I saw it a couple more times. Even once an hour later – but I couldn’t get a shot. Saw no other deer. Had coffee at Haps on the way back and got invited to dinner tomorrow night.

Oct 13. Was going to leave. Stepped out on deck after starting engine, felt a good breeze, and decided to wait another day. Went hunting to right of Hap’s house. Saw no deer. Might be good up there in the rut..

Oct 14. Left Elfin Cove about 730 right at low tide and headed inside. Fished Homeshore first dragging 20 fa, the 28 fa. Noon to 5 pm (High tide 150 pm). SQUAT! Fished Homeshore to across from Sisters Island. Crossed Chatham with a SE breeze and got into the back dock at Funter after dark. No one around. Stepped out to tie boat up in the wind and realized a skunk day of fishing and tying up all alone in a remote bay still beats sitting behind a computer all day. Called Ken and asked about deer hunting. He said there’s a muskeg just up from the dock, so will try that in the morning.

Oct 15. Fished Funter. Lots of bait behind inner island of group of south islands at low tide. Lost at least 1 fish I never saw on bait biter, I think. After tide change, nothing but several bombers. Quit about 1045 am and ran to town.

Nov. 6. Boat stern starboard top rail got yanked off in big winds when I was in Craig. Got boat back together Nov. 4. Tried to go around town today but too windy.

March 7. Full fuel. 1.5 tons ide in Juneau.

March 8. Fished Salisbury to Bishop, Waterfall to Taku Harbor. Nothing. Slept at Taku Harbor.

March 9. Fished Styleman to Sharp Pt and back to Stylemen for 1 rockfish. Returned to Juneau as forecast no good. Fished 20 fa with bronze spoons, white spoons, canadian wonder mop, white and blue/green hootchie, ez baiters.
March 12. Fuel at 13/16 full. Leave Auke Bay 645 am. Arrive Elfin Cove 445 pm.

March 13. Gear down 730 at inside Yakobi drag. 14 fa gear. Heavy’s only. No fish. Went down to Soapstone drag 18 fa. Then to Column Pt, then back to Soapstone and dropped to 30 fa. Still nothing. Everyone else (~ 6 boats) caught fish but not me!

March 14. Gear down 615 am. 1 nice king in Lizianski near “60” on way to Soapstone. Caught 2 other shakers, 3 big rockfish. Tried Yakobi late in the day, but no fish. Caught king on herring (green ez baiter) and both shakers on mop spoon (bottom). Fished 30 then 36 fa at Soapstone. Caught king at 30 fa. Fished bait on heavies, hootchies on bags.

March 15. 6 am to 3 pm. Soapstone down Lisianski. No fish. 1 halibut and 1 rockfish thrown back. NE wind pretty heavy. Sunny. 36 fa.

PM: Bucked NE all the way to Elfin Cove. Took a few steaks off a shaker. Then took the rest to Therese and Harv. Quite a climb up to their place. Picked Harv’s brain for quite awhile. Need to check electricity from gurdies. Should be about 4.5. Also need to clean up black box wiring at gurdies. To check electric leaks, wire a ground to the rudder post and then check the gurdy wires when out fishing.

He said Soapstone drag is 30 fa, so I need to get in on the 30 line and drag 30. Fish about 5 spreads per wire.

Need to look at bonding. Harv- take a continuous piece of copper tubing and flatten it. Run from engine to rudder. Attach wire from any metal engine, hydraulic pump, tanks (water and fuel) to copper pipe. Copper pipe is wired to rudder.

March 16. Came out in front of Elfin Cove. Found my voltage ws 5.5, not 4 like the meter read. Called Paul Bowen and he said that might be high. Called Joe Emerson and he said that’s what his reads and told me to get fishing before the good weather is gone. He told me to fish 30 fa from Bird Rock to Column Pt. I caught a nice king and a ling cod the first try, both on a mop spoon. Lots of feed on the sounder. But had such a hard time trying to keep it on the 30 fa that I didn’t get many good passes. No one else on the drag. 2 boats @ Soapstone and 2 out at Yakobi.

Found in the evening that the hydraulic pump and the small water tank were not hooked up to the bonding, so did that as best I could. This lowered electric to 5.0 the next day.

1 pm. 1 king (small) and 3 ling cod and 1 rockfish. Daily total. 3 kings, 4 ling cod and 1 rockfish. Beautiful clear day. Calm till about 4 pm. Great day to be a troller, even though I lost all 5 cannonballs I brought with me, lost a gaff, the head bucket, wire on both heavies! Caught kings on mop spoon (2) and 1 on mop hootchies. 1 shaker on bait biter. 3 ling on mop spoon, 1 on herring firecracker. So, like I always come back to moop spoons and white hootchies – winter, spring summer and fall.

March 17. Gale winds. Went to Pelican. Marked 30 fa drag at entrance to Lisanski Strait on the way. Got fuel and food. Realized ling cod not open and all donated to elders.

March 18. Fished Lizianski Inlet area yesterday. Still gale winds. 3 bombers. Went with Cindy Roland my UAF R.A. Who I hadn’t seen in over 20 years – to the Senior dinner today. Here, 50 yrs old qualifies for senior, so she took me as her guest. I saw an elderly man at the end of the table – looked about 80 yrs old, solidly built. I’d guessed it might be John Claussen and Cindy confirmed this. He’s truly a living legend who build his own boat, the Lightly, is a Pelican pioneer, and who seen probably just about every innovation – at least in electronics – in the troll fishery over his lifetime, from depth sounders to GPS. We had a nice chat. He and his wife looked full of life and what a life they’ve led out here. Makes me glad I decided to come back to town from fishing. I bought a bunch of troll gear from John’s son-in-law Mark Broderson. He was married to the Claussen’s daugher, who died tragically of cancer.

March 19. Stuck again. Winds even higher today. Could not get my fish out as plane full. Cleaned out boat. Reinstalled bilge buster. Found another thing – water pipe and auto pulse were not bonded so bonded them. Wife says we’re not meeting expenses anymore so may give a call to legislature to see if anyone needs staff or look for other ways to make money. Maybe we have enough in business account to squeak by.

March 20. Left Pelican 630 am and when I got to Soapstone it was fishable. 1 small white king on blue/green shallowest hootchie on starbard bag at noon. Low tide 1030 am. Windy and snow squalls. 3 on last pull at Column Pt to Bird Rock. One on shallow blue green on bag, one on heavy bottom ez baiter, 1 on flasher with home made chrome spoon. All 3 on starbard lines. 430 pm

So, end trip with 9 kings. Starting to get a feel for the gear, where to fish, and how to fish. I see I need gear up near the surface as well. EZ baiters seem to work better for me that the firecrackers.

March 21 1144 high tide. 1115 king bottom port heavy on green bait biter w/herring. Sold fish 7.99/lb for reds, 9.99/lb for 1 white. No rockfish interest. Gave 10 away.

March 23-24. In Juneau.

March 25. Return to Elfin Cove at 330 pm. Pilot said Jeff B shipped 6 boxes of fish to town and other boats shipped, too. Jeff said prices were falling.

3/26. Gear down 6 am. King no 1 in 30 fa near Yakobi at noon (High tide 115 pm). Rain, E wind, Port bag. 2 rockfish.

3/27. 1 king 845, 2 king 930, 3 king 1030, all on bait. Pulled bags. Only fishing heavies. No 4 at noon. No 5 a chief at 115. No 6 at 230 coho killer spoon. No 7 coho killer spoon. No 8 coho killer spoon and fish a chief. No 9 at 5515 coho killer spoon.
Best winter day yet. Fished 14 fa drag across from Jeff on the Bifrost. Same boat I fished across from with Joe Emerson when I worked for ADFG. Jeff used to fish the spot with a whaler and knows it like the back of his hand. He showed up at 850- right when I got my first one on. I’m guessing he at least doubled my score.
The coho killer spoons were the only thing working late in the day. A couple XL fish and most look “dark” like on their way to spawn, but no really mature roe in any fish. Anchored at Hocktaheen by myself. Jeff went to Soapstone where he used to live. Took bags off when I saw Jeff wasn’t fishing his. Then moved gear to bag lead like he had his, too. 30 lb bag lead rides off the bottom pretty nice if you shallow up.
Daily: 8 red +1 white = 9 king, 3 rockfish.

3/28. Gear down 559 am. King 1 604 clear ezbaiter w/herring. 2 930 am clear ez baiter. 1 yellow eye rockfish. 3 3pm king. Watched Jeff on Bifrost catch fish in front of me all afternoon and never could catch them on my boat. Discouraging, but 3 is better than zero. Total: 3 king and 1 rockfish. Trip total 13 king, 8 bomber, 2 yellow eye.

3/29. No fish. Could only fish Lisianski @ Soapstone because of nasty westerly. Fished Column Pt to Bird Rock, then in to Efin Cove. May be here for awhile. Strong westerly then SE gale next few days.

3/30 Yakobi. Gear down 630 am. 1 and 2 815 am (coho killer spoon and blue/green hootchie w/abe and al flasher. Then nothing rest of day. F/V Doric caught a few but not many. Heard 2 Pelican boats talking about orcas going right in front of his boat. Later in the afternoon, one came right by my window and rolled sideways to look up at me as she dove, then I didn’t see her again. Coast Guard out today checking longliners. One guy made 5 sets with no bird scaring device and CG fined him $500 for each set = $2,500! Seems like they could have told him after the first set instead of letting him set 5 times before boarding him. OUCH! Shipping out fish tomorrow. 15 this week. 50% more than 10 last week but still doesn’t seem like a lot. Ken is shipping me out new bait tomorrow so we’ll see if that helps. Trip total: 15 king, 2 yelloweye, 8 bomber.
3/31. Shipped fish out late afternoon by AK Seaplane. I’m guessing at least 200 lbs. Mike Dunshie said the fish we sent up last week were the best he’s ever had, as usual. Our price ($6.99/lb) was right in there w/New Sagayas. Sold fish to Frank Homan, Bob Koetcher, Leila at Earth Justice, and the rest to Tennessee Shrimp Dock.

Ken sent some nice bait out and I really hope it helps. Smaller “red” herring (5-6”) and not freezer burned. Fuel: 150 gal.

4/1. Tide 427 am lt 1127 am. Gear down 5 am . Fish 1 on shallowest blue/green hootchie with abe and al flasher on starbard. 7 am. Fishing 14 fa drag at Yakobi. 2 bottom port ex baiter green color with abe/al flasher. 830 am. Snow. 3 and 4 small port bottom green ez baiter and bottom spoon. 5 1145 port lead spoon coho killer. 6 and 7 port bottom green bait biter and coho killer spoon. Extra long leader on the bait biter. Daily total: 7 kings 1 rockfish. Big northeast wind came up. I fished back to Soapstone, made a couple passes, then to Mite Cove. About 7 or 8 boats here, and the wind just howling in here. Wish I’d gone to Hocktaheen. Going to be a long night.

4/2 Gear down 530 am. Fish 1 port bottom bait 350. 2 630 port coho killer lead spoon. 1 quillback rockfish. 3 730 pm. 4 and 5 bottom bait and spoon 9am. 6 bottom port spoon 10 am. 11 am starbard spoon. 7 very small fish today. Weather ne wind came up against flood tide, so was going to head to Soapstone but instead went to boat merry go round on 30 fa drag just the mark the drag. Caught 8 at 1240 on port spoon. 9 starbard lead bottom bait. 10 starbard spoon. Wind came up and I was last boat to leave outer Cross Sound at 4 pm. I went into Hocktaheen. Supposed to be nice tomorrow then gale after gale so hope I can scratch double digits again tomorrow. Total 10 king 1 quillback.

4/3. First fish – 6 pm! Port bottom gear ez baiter. Yesterday, nasty burning smell when I shut down engine. Thought it was the electric tape I put on the exhaust wrap to hold it in place to cure. When I got up this morning, I saw the reduction gear oil was nasty black, so I knew that was the smell. I drained the gear box, put in new oil, and seems better than ever. On my way out of Hocktaheen James on F/V Hank flagged me down. He needed a jump. We tried for over an hour but his engine just wouldn’t start. He said John on the Doric was on his way, and I saw him being towed out later. He said no fuel was getting past the fuel pump. So good thing the gear box did overheat as I met James and tried to help out. Otherwise I would have passed him in the early am while he was still sleeping. Just could not catch a fish today. Got fishing about 9 am and watched Jeff on the Bifrost catch one after another and I got nothing. I moved out to the 30 fa and caught one monster halibut (60 lb) and that was it. Moved back to 14 fa later in day and caught 1 king my first pass. Sunny day. NE about 15 to 20. Nice day. Daily total: 1 king.

4/4. 1 and 2 845 am MOP and coho killer spoons. 1 yelloweye. 3 -5 on single hook threaded herring. Rest on mop spoons. All on starbard bag and heavy at turn at Yakobi. 1030 am HT 945 am. LT 438 pm. 6 big white; 7 245 pm bait single hook split tail; 8 same as 7 330 pm; 9 400 single bait hook; 10-12 430-5 pm (2 bait, 1 coho killer) ; 13-14 645 pm (bait and coho killer). Total 14 kings, 1 yellow eye. Trip total 31 red 1 white, 1 yellow eye, 1 quillback, 1 bomber.

Today was the first day I felt like I was doing it right. I figured out how to use the single herring hooks w/split tail herring. I put a few on and they started to work and I started getting a fishery evey pass like Jeff does. This may be the last day I get to fish this winter as it is going to storm tomorrow and then the fishery may close. I ‘d like one more day- I think I could get 20 fish , and that would make a trip of 50 fish, which would be great for our cash flow. We’ve over drawn both bank accounts in the last month so a little cash would mae Sara feel better. I feel confident that I can catch winter kings but not sure I’ll be able to do it next spring as I might need to get a shore job if we have as little money in the business account as we do right now.

4/5. Worked on boat and laundry in am. When I heard Cape Spencer winds died down to 21, I headed out. I was the only one at Yakobi. King on every hook. Then wind came up and the Doric showed up. Quit fishing and ran to Hocktaheen. Too windy to fish, clean, and bait and drive the boat. Caught a dozen kings in 2 hours or less. Daily total 15 red king. Trip total 46 Red, 1 white, 1 yelloweye, 1 quillback, 1 bomber.

4/6. Gear down 545 am 1 630 large, starbard heavy herring; 2 645 same as 1; 8 am 3 king killer spoon starbard heavy; 9 am clatter 4-7. 1 on coho killer spoon, rest on bait. 8 915 am king killer spoon; clatter at 930 9-12; 13 11 am; 14 noon king killer spoon; 1 pm clatter 15-21; NOTHING in the afternoon! Daily: 21 King.

4/7. 1 and 2 at 815 am bottom baits on heavys; 9 am clatter 3-6 king killer (1) and bait (3); 945; 7-8 1 on stb bag; 9 1015; 10 1 pm; 10 total; running: 77 red, 1 bomber, 1 yellow eye, quillback, 1 white.

Today fished till about 3 pm then quit. Bite has been mid morning and I’ve not caught much any afternoon. Almost out of ice and bait but didn’t go to Pelican because fishery may close by Sat or Sun. Will fish tomorrow and maybe Sat and go home. This will give us a good inventory for ship out fish until I fish again mid-April or May.

April 8: LT=730 am HT=134 pm. 1 and 2 starbard heavy and bag sppoons king killer and home made 740 am. 3 915 port bag bait; 4 1045 starbard heavy bait; 5 1 pm (2 others came off); 6 4 pm 30 fa @ Soapstone; Lost 2 others; 7 5 pm bottom bait port bag; 8 545 pm. Daily total 8. Seems like flood fish. 14 fa Yakobi; Ebb fish Soapstone.

Trip Total: 85 Red, 1 white; 1 bomber, quillback, yelloweye. Ran to Earl Cove to sleep. April 9. Leave Earl Cove 5 am for Juneau.

Winter Wrap Up: Cross Sound no good in Oct. Fishing seemed best on Flood at Yakobi and Ebb at Soapstone.

Total March Harvest:
3/13-22: 9 Red, 1 white, 10 bomber,
3/26-30: 14 red 1 white, 8 bomver, 3 yelloweye
4/1-8: 85 red, 1 white; 1 bomber; 1 yelloweye; 1 quillback

Total Winter 2005: 108 Red, 3 white, 19 bomber, 4 yelloweye, 1 quillback.

27 mandays fished.

Estimated gross income: 111 kings x 12 lbs ea x $5/lb = $6,660.

April 14. 232 gallons fuel in Juneau. 4 hours to Swanson Harbor. Threaded up about 20 herring. Can’t wait to get fishing tomorrow and see if I learned anything this winter. Today I felt like this was slowly becoming a “craft” for me, as I learn how to do things and catch more fish.

April 15. Gear down 530 am. Fished to 430 pm. No kings. Not even a shaker. No bait. Dragged 20 fa then 30 fa. Going home to do boat work. Big northerly from Couverdon to Retreat. Ducked into Cordwood for the night to wait it out.

April 16. Blowing down Lynn Canal/Chatham so waiting for it to die down. Got first order yesterday for salmon from Natural Pages ads on East Coast.

May 2. Taku Harbor to Styleman – 1 shaker. Moved to Tantalon to Hilda. Nothing. When I saw Standy and Gavia leaving I pulled my gear to leave for Chatham, too.

May 3. Full Fuel. Gear down 215 pm. Homeshore (HT=402 pm). Zeroed tripmeter at Homeshore. 5 pm 1 large red near shoaling creek @ Homeshore on white top hootchie. Quit 8 pm. 1 king, 1 cod and small rockfish thrown back.

May 4. Gear down 430 am Homeshore. 630 king 1 (shoaling area) to mop spoon; 2 530 pm top mop. Lost 1 at boat, and another strike w/no fish at Icy St end of Homeshore. Ht 1140 LT 516 pm. Total 2 kings. Fish seemed to be there as tide was ebbing to 1 hr after low tide. All fish near surface. 1 shaker on bait.

May 5. HT 12 noon. Gear down 515 am. 1 930 am @ homshore dock mop 8 fa, 2 215 pm mop 6 fa, 3 chrome/bronze #8; 4 mop 830 pm. Total 3 red 1 white = 4.

May 6. Gear down 430 am. 1 11 am mop 14 fa, 2 1130 am big white hootchie w/yellow/red under, 6 fa, 3 3pm, chrom #8 mcmahon 8 fa. Total: 3.
May 7. Ht 130 pm. Gear down 545 am. Pull gear 8 am. No fish. Iced up in Hoonah and headed towards Adolphus. Gear down about noon at Eagle Pt. #1 HOG between 22 and 36 marks on map on large blue cuttlefish 18 fa 130 pm. 3 bears on beach along here.

Been putting black box on 5. The kings seem to hardly fight at all when near the boat now. Not sure if black box or my imagination. 2 630 pm between quartz Pt and Gull Cove off blue shallows on map. 6 fa mop spoon.

May 8. Gear down 6 am. Fished 18 or 20 fa at Idaho Inlet. Not a hit. Jeff off Bifrost started on Gull Cove side on the ebb and moved over to other side on flood or he just didn’t catch anything and moved – I dunno. Birds working on Inian Is side during flood. None over here on the flood after seeing lots of birds on this side last evening. Just after low tide so maybe over on that side on flood and this side on ebb for cohos.

May 9. No fish! At Soapstone/Column Pt. Everyone going over the line @ Soapstone so I moved to Column Pt. 9 bombers 815 am. 17 bombers total. Quit at 2 pm – no kings.

Fished afternoon near Gull Cove. Nothing. Anchored Pinta Cove after tranny heated up again off Lemisure.

May 10. Fished Homeshore. Lost 1, so no fish. Back to Auke Bay about 730 pm. Trip total miles about 357 nautical miles. Total 11 Red king 1 white 17 rockfish.

May 13. 130 gallon fuel about 3.3 gal/hr. 2.7 mi/gal.

May 15. Leave Juneau for Homeshore. 715 am gear down 1215pm and 1 about 2 pm. (quit fishing to check tranny). Back fishing 345. Blew out oil lines and oil cooler. Tranny still getting hot and low gear oil pressure.

May 16. No fish. Fixed tranny w/2 new hoses.

May 17. LT 3 am. 1 8 am near 2 fa mark at Neck Pt by the 13 fa bottom bait. 2 930 am bottom bait, 3 white hootchie 14 fa 11 am @ 104 near whitestone. Pulled gear 930 pm. 3 king 2 rockfish.

May 18. HT 1030 am, LT 4pm. Gear down 5 am. 1 1230 mop spoon 6 fa at Whitestone. 2 2 pm Whitestone 8 fa mop spoon. Total 2 kings.

May 19. gear down 730 am at Cube Cove. 1 9 am bottom bait cube cove. LT 450 am HT 11 am. Finally- SE Wind and cloudy. 4 rockfish. 2 in eve near 10 fa rock N. or Parker. Total 3 kings, 4 rockfish.

May 20. Overcast. East breeze. Gear down 630 am. 1 at 730 (lost another) between 10 fa and Parker Pt. Bai 18 fa. 2 9 am Parker Pt 12 fa bait., 3 930 coho killer spoon on green flasher 20 fa; 4 11115 big white hootchie 6 fa; 5 HOG 4 fa leader mop spoon 4 fa.

Fishing Parker Pt. Tide floods north. Very strong tide, too. Fish from the anchorage near the 10 to Parker Pt on the Ebb, continuing down to at least Thayer Creek if no action. You can fish Parker till about 2 hours after low tide, then it’s pretty hard to fish south against the strong flood tide, so fish Parker Pt north to the 10 fa.

June 13. Leave Juneau 1145 am. Full Fuel. Trolled 2 hrs for nothing at Fishery Creek.

June 14. Gear down 5am. HT=630 a 740 p. 1 830 am between Parker Pt and Thayer, white hootchie w/glitter 18 fa WHITE king; 2 115 pm mop spoon 10 fa Parker Pt; East Pt 750 pm 3 white w/glitter 10 fa; 845 pm white/glitter. Daily total 3 red and 1 white = 4 kings.

June 15. Gear down 435 am. HT 740 a 830 p. East Pt and south towards Basket Bay nothing. 1 ling cod. Leave 1030 am for Parker Pt. 1 330 Thayer Creek mop. 1 rockfish. 2 540 Parker Pt. 3 630 12 fa bait; 4 630 18fa white spoon; 5 640 14 fa white w/glitter hootchie. 2 rockfish. 3 and 4 rockfish. 6 16 fa painted chrome Mcmahon #5 spoon, 845 pm; 7 14 fa bait 9 pm. 8-10 Parker Pt to Thayer. Daily 9 red 2 white=11 kings 4 rockfish 1 lingcod.

June 16. Gear down 530 am @ 10 fa. 1 white/glitter hootchie 825 am 12 fa; 1 coho; 2 1225 pm S. of Thayer Creek; 3 @ 88 Parker Pt 430 bait 16 fa; Daily 3 red and 1 coho.

June 17. Gear down 8 am at 10. 1 1130 2 fa white mop 2 fa Thayer. 1 chum Danger Pt. 2 20 fa mop; 7pm Danger Pt, 3 715 12 fa mop; 4 820 pm 4 fa white/glitter; 5 930 pm 8 fa mop. Total 4 red + 1 white = 5 kings 1 chum.

June 18. Danger Pt. Gear down 530; 1 545 16 fa white/glitter; 2 815 bait 14 fa, 3 and 4 845 am mop spoon 4 fa white/glitter 8 fa; 5 9am bait 10 fa; 6 904 12 fa; 7 945 white/glitter 16 fa; 8 10 am 20 fa mop; 9 1010 bait 10 fa; 1020 1 coho; 10 1030 18 fa white/glitter; 11 1030 20 fa mop; 12 and 13 11 am white glitter and mop 10-12 fa; 14 1130. 15 1225. 16 10 fa bait; 17 210 pm bottom mop; 18 18 fa white/glitter 220 pm; 19 20 fa mop 3 pm. NAP! 20 and 21 530 pm white bottom mop and 10 fa bait; 22 545 white/glitter 18 fa; 1 pink; 23 and 24 744 pm 18 fa mop, 18 fa white/glitter. Daily: 22 red + 2 white = 24, 1 coho, 1 pink.

June 19: Gear down 430 am Danger Pt. 1 8 am bottom mop Thayer Creek; 2 and 3 N. of Parker Pt 945 bait 10 fa, white glitter 18 fa; 4 11am 10 fa bait 5 1125 am white/glitter; 6 mop 12 fa 1140 am; 3 rockfish; 1 and 2 pink; 7 1 pm bait 10 fa; 8 130 18 fa mop; 3 pink, 1 chum; 4 pink; 9 3pm 18 fa white/glitter; 10 518 12 fa mop; 5 pink, 11 715 16 fa white/glitter. Daily 11 red, 5 pink, 1 chum, 3 rockfish.

Hoonah Prices: 6/22/2005 King: $2 Coho $1 Chum: 0.30 Rockfish 0.30 Lingcod 0.50.

June 20: Gear down 5 am Parker Pt 1 at 5 at Fishery Creek 18fa white/glitter 10 am; 4 pinks, 2 1009 white 18 fa (lost other on bottom mop); 1 coho2 coho, 1 chum. Daily: 2 kings, 2 coho, 1 chum, 8 pink.

Trip Total: 51 Red +5 white = 55 kings. 4 coho. 14 pinks. 3 chum. 1 lingcod. 7 rockfish.

June 22: Leave Juneau Noon. Gear down Fishery Creek 730 pm. Fished to 10 anchorage, only shakers (no bait this week due to pinks).

June 23. Gear down 745 a at 10. Fished to past Thayer Creek and nothing but 2 coho. Moved at 1140 to Parker Pt. 1 1245 Danger Pt white/glitter 18 fa; 2 1 pm 20 fa mop; 3 and 4 2 pm mop and white spoons; 5 230 pm 12 fa white/glitter; 6 rockfish 16 fa, 26 fa; 2 pinks; 3 pink; 6 and 7 5 pm spoons; 8 530 spoon; 5 cod; 9 645 20 fa mop; 10 745 mop. Daily 10 king, 6 rock, 5 cod, 2 coho, 10 pink.

June 24. Gear down 5 am. 1 525 6 fa mop; 2 550 18 fa white/glitter hootchie; 3 950 18 fa white/glitter; 1 rockfish; 4 and 5 1055 am; 6 and 7 1120 bottom mop, 7 10 fa mop; 1 coho; 2 rockfish; Nap/engine work 2-530 pm; 530-6p every wire, first pass 8-21, 2 pink, 1 coho, 22 9 pm. Daily Total: 19 red + 3white = 22 kings, 2 coho, 2 rockfish, 4 pink, 1 chum. New fish moved in on ebb tide at Danger Pt.

June 25. Danger Pt 1 18 fa white/glitter; 2 18 fa w/g 630 am; 3 4 fa mop 7 am; 1 rockfish, 4 14 fa mop 815 am N. of Danger Pt, 5 2 fa w/g 925 N. of D.P., 945 6 10 fa white spoon, 950 am N of DP, 8 1045 18 fa w/g; 9 w/g 18 fa; 10 50 am 1 coho, 4 pinks, 10 bottom mop 1130; 11 145 bottom mop; 2 coho 12 and 13 16 and 18 fa mop and w/g 115 pm; 11-13 S. of D.P., 14-17 2 pm, 18 and 20 fa mop w/g; 12 fa spoon, 18 2 fa w/g 250 pm; 19 5 pm bottom mop; 18 red and 1 white = 19 kings at 5 pm. 20 and 21 645 pm 10 fa mop and bottom mop; 22 845 18 fa mop, 3 and 4 coho; 23 940 pm 10 fa mop; pink, 24 bottom mop 950 pm. Daily total: 22 red + 2 white = 24 kings, 4 coho , 2 rockfish, 6 pink.

June 26: Gear down 650 am. 1 730 bottom mop, S of D.P., 1 coho, 2 and 3 coho, 2 10 am 8 fa mop, S of DP, 3 1115 bottom mop; 4 and 5 4 fa and 2 fa mop, 6,7,8 12 30 pm 18 fa w/g, 8 fa w/g; 10 fa spoon; 4 coho, 9 235 pm 14 fa white spoon w/red spots; 10 bottom mop 225, 11 10 fa mop 245 pm, 12 10 fa mop, 315 ; 13 bottom mop 325 pm

June 27. Gear down 330 am. 2 passes at Danger Pt. No kings. Arrowtooth flounder move in night before. 4 pink, 1 coho, 2 kings top mop 10 fa 630 between DP and Thayer Creek, 3 810 am top white spoon w/red dots 15 Parker Pt.; 4 Parker Pt, 915 10 fa mop; 5 and 6 mop bottom at 10.

Trip 70 red, 5 white, 15 coho, 12 rockfish, 5 cod, 35 pink, 1 chum.

Spring 2005: 231 red, 23 white = 254 total. 49 pink, 19 coho, 4 chum, 65 rockfish, 1 ling cod.

Bait helped. One bait on each heavy was plenty.
White or white w/red spot spoons, which were repainted mop spoons, worked fine.
Should try East Pt/Fishery Creek earlier in the season.
Leaving fish on hooks rather than immediately pulling them seemed to lead to more clatters.

June 30. Fuel just about full. Leave Juneau 450 am. 7/1: 4 red 1 white 77 coho 5 pink 1 rock 1 ling; 7/2 10 red 96 coho 25 pink 1 rock; 7/3 7 red 1 white 88 coho 23 pink 1 rock, 1 ling; 7/4 9 red 1 white, 82 coho, 46 pink; 7/5 4 red, 112 coho, 40 pink, 1 ling, 1 chum.

Trip Total: 34 red, 3 white, 455 coho, 139 pink, 3 rock, 3 link, 1 chum.

July 11: 11 red, 1 white, 54 coho, 43 pink, 4 rock, 2 ling; 7/12 5 red, 1 white, 27 coho, 34 pink, 4 ling, 1 chum, 7/13 9 red, 83 coho, 46 pink, 8 rock, 1 ling. 7/14 WEATHER DAY. 7/15 14 red, 1 white, 78 coho, 35 pink.

Trip Total: 40 red, 3 white, 242 coho, 258 pink, 12 rock, 12 ling, 1 chum.

1st Summer Total: 80 king, 697 coho, 297 pink, 15 rockfish, 15 ling, 2 chum.

Although highest abundance index ever, king catches poor on north end all the way to Fairweather Grounds. Tons of coho. We fished Surge Bay and Hoktaheen in early July, then moved to Bingham to Column Pt as kings were not there and Sara was getting sea sick. Had to pull tranny after first trip because front seal was leaking after new life motors rebuilt it. We fished Column Pt the last day and caught 16 kings with no other boats. Opening closed July 17, which was perfect for us because, Julie, Sean, Jane, and Julie’s kids coming to town.

July 27 w/Sean Auth at Funter Bay. 29 coho, 15 pink, 1 rockfish.

July 28 w/ Sean Auth. 37 coho, 19 pink, 2 rockfish.

Trip total: 66 coho, 34 pink, 3 rockfish.

8/1: Started at Retreat w/5 nice coho. Then fished to Funter for no coho but 5 keeper kings I had to shake.

8/2: Fish fish at Funter and lots of seiners so headed to Pt. Adolphus. Not many fish there, and wind was wrong for anchoring so went to Elfin Cove.

8/3: Not many fish in Cross Sd Column Pt – Three Hill.

8/4-8/6: Fished North Island. A few fish but sea lions drove me out. One big bruiser came right up to the stern like I was going to hand-feed him.

8/7-8/9: Headed inside and found 30-50 boats at Pleasant Is so knew I’d found some fish. Nice fish- big ones. I stayed on Adolphus side with Edy Sez, San Dollar and a few other boats rather than Pleasant Is as fewer boats and I could ice fish on back tack. Very warm and sunny. Coho closure 8/10-8/13. Almost 90 degrees in Juneau during closure.

Totals to Date: 334 kings, 1157 coho, 584 pink, 6 chum, 84 rockfish, 16 ling.

8/12. 200 gal fuel to make 7/8 full tank. Leave Juneau at Noon. Overnight Hoonah.

8/13: Leave Hoonah 530 am to Odgen Passage 8 pm.

8/14. Day 1 2nd King opener. Fished 40 fa at White Sisters. Calm seas, overcast. Fishing alongside Eric McDowell. Fished white w/sparkles on port, #39s and blue/green/purples on starbard, w/white or mop spoons. Huge avg. wt cohos – I’d guess 8 lbs.

8/15. Almost exact same score as yesterday, but I feel like I caught a lot more as I fished 2 hours less or so, I guess. Another calm, overcast, warm day. Huge cohos again, with lots of bigger kings, too. Fish 40 fa all by myself. Fished about 7 am-7pm fishing time.

8/16- White sisters 40 fa gear. Same kings, less cohos, but big ones late in the day. Kept crossing starbard lines. Tried adding weight to bags and extending heavy tag lines but still crossed. Tried adding weight to heavy on 8/17 so we’ll see. Supposed to blow tomorrow. Slow in the am, picked up at low tide change about noon.

8/17- Only crossed once- when I shortened the bag back to where it was! Decent day. Big cohos. Ran to Lost Cove and got more ice from Eric McDowell who was going to sell in Pelican.

8/18- Was headed out when Ellie IV headed in. Jons said too rough for him, so too rough for me. Fished mouth of Lisianski and caught 6 pinks, 2 cohos (all shook) and last spoon was a white king!
8/19. Heade from Lost Cove to White Sisters. No other boats there. I found out why. No fish! SW swell was killing me, so I headed west and fished 40 fa to east end of Cape Cross drag. Lost a cannonball just before I got to the Cape Cross fleet, so pulled gear and anchored in Squid about 730 pm.

8/20. Got into cell range about 1030 am between Yakobi and Cape Cross. Ron left a message. Said fishery was closing at noon! Lucky I checked it. Continued fishing around Yakobi into Cross Sd. And pulled my gear right at noon. 7 kings and 28 coho. Had a shark follow two coho on my gear right up to the boat.

Trip Total: 102 kings, 336 coho, 38 pink, 14 rockfish, 4 sockeye, 6 chum

8/21. Arrive Juneau noonish.

8/26 Leave Juneau 7/8 full fuel 11 am. 31 coho at Funter Bay, 20 fa gear.

8/27 54 coho at Funter, lots of smaller ones. Supposed to blow tomorrow. 20 fa gear.

8/28 8 cohos @ funter. Chris McDowell called. Said fish at Homeshore. Got to Homeshore about noon and no fish. Moved to Adolphus.

8/29 Good fishing at Adolphus dragging 30 fa and then gurdy pin broke and SE winds came up so quite when seas go to 5 feet (430 pm or so). Lots of boats inside including lots of Sitka boats so must be no cohos outside.

8/30 Only 30 today at Adolphus. Had dinner with Chris McDowell on Whisper in Flynn Cove.

8/31. 5 at Adolphus so moved to Homeshoure for 1. moved ot Funder for 10 for total 19. Slow fishing North end, hot in the south, according to Leon.

9/1. Fished Lizard Head in am then to Pt. Retreat for 36 cohos.

Trip Total: 263 coho (1756 running total).

9/4 Full Fuel. Caught 12 first pull at Retreat then not much more. Fished to Funter where only 1 boat fishing Lizard Head. 30 for the day.

9/5. Fished Funter to Marsdin to Square Cove then crossed to Freshwater Bay. 23 on East Side of Chatham. Nothing at Freshwater Bay. 23 total. Most or all are blush.

9/6. Fishery Pt to Fishery Creek – 3 cohos. Fishery Pt to Square Cove 16 coho. Not heading to S. Chatham as planned. Just don’t trust the weather.

9/7 Moved to Homeshore when Ed Hansen said someone had 70 by noon. Caught 41 coho, 2 sockeye and a chum for the day.

9/8 45 coho

9/9. Good fishing. Lots of big, bright fish at Homeshore. Then just plain quit after about 430 pm, just like yesterday. Sunny, in the 60’s today, fog at mid-morning made fishing alone tough. 63 coho.

9/10 Coho scarce. 22 at noon. Fished to Couverdon then ran to Cordwood to retreat for 1. 23 for day. Running total 2002.